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Officially Jimmy Garoppolo has a torn ACL


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1 minute ago, ILoveTheVikings said:

Damn. I feel sorry for the 49ers.

You guys will probably be picking very early on this year, who will you guys be targeting? 

It has to be Bosa. Obviously, if we were to end up with the #1 overall pick, you have a decision to make. Oliver is probably the better prospect, but the team has Buckner on the inside along with Armstead and Thomas. The team really lacks an edge rusher in the worst way.

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Just now, 49erurtaza said:

I'm sure you guys will beat us on Thursday night football now.

At this point the Raiders could make Peterman look like Joe Montana. We have no answer at all for the second half and let everyone score at will. Mahomes will probably drop 6+TD’s on us when we play the Chiefs 

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