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TNF GDT Titans vs Jags


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46 minutes ago, FinSting said:

Me and Andrew Luck are tied with "TD passes thrown against the Jags last week."

These two teams don't like each other, just what the doctor ordered for a slugfest TNF game. 

I'm hoping for some ejections, fights, flags, and fines.

I know Fournette's down.

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Which will be more exciting: This game or my kids' school Christmas concert (where they go grade-by-grade performing for K through 5th grade... and I've been informed by my wife that we're not allowed to get up and leave after our kids have performed)?

I hate you Thursday Night Football for not giving me a better matchup to a least follow the updates of on my phone.

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10 minutes ago, Thomas5737 said:

Higher number: Kessler TD passes or Mariota interceptions? Mariota only has 2 picks in 7 career games against the Jags so it makes it a legitimate question. Of course, Kessler crushes the Titans, he has 2 TDs in 2 career games.

mariota throws 2 picks

jacksonville throws 1 td

jacksonville still wins 21-7


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