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Bold predictions for the 2017 NFL Season


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Derek Carr wins MVP going for 4200 yards 40 td's 10 picks

Kaepernick plays in a playoff game this year.

ezekiel elliott goes for 2k rushing yards

Bucs win 12 games and the south and a 1st round bye

carson wentz tears the house down with 4k pass yards 30 td's and 10 picks

Kirk cousins goes bonkers but the redskins only win 7 games.....and Kirk goes to cleveland next year where he becomes the savior of that franchise and personally burns down the famous browns jersey with the last 3000 Qb's that have played for them since 99

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Cowboys miss the playoffs - Zeke misses significant time due to suspension and Dak regresses trying to carry the entire offensive load. 


Eli Manning wins the MVP having a career year passing the ball


Kirk Cousins gets traded to the 49ers for a 2nd and future 1st


The Lions win the NFC North by one game


Marshawn Lynch leads the league in yards rushing, yards per carry, and rushing TD's


Rob Gronkowski plays a full season, breaks the single season receiving TD record with 30 spikes


Colin Kaepernik signs with a team... and stands during the anthem 


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51 minutes ago, eagles18 said:

Carson Wentz throws for 4500 yards 34 TD 14 INT. Takes the eagles to the divisional round with a 12-4 record. 

He's actually my fantasy sleeper, so I'm hoping for this.

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1 hour ago, EliteTexan80 said:

He's actually my fantasy sleeper, so I'm hoping for this.

I wouldn't expect much. But his receiving crew went from WOAT, to average. So I'd expect him to put up better numbers than the previous year. But I'd only expect maybe 4k yards, 25 tds, and 15-18 ints.

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Not sure how bold some of these are but I'll give a few in general. It'll vary how bold. 

I'll start with the homer predictions:

- The Chargers go 10-6 and make the playoffs 

- Joey Bosa wins DPOY

- Injury luck finally turns around (super bold)

Others: Team by team

- NE wins the SB (also super bold)

- Jarvis Landry leads in the NFL in catches

- Jets aren't as bad as people think 5-11/6-10 type season 

- Cardale Jones will start more than one game

- Cleveland will also not be as bad as people think

- Hill is cut and Mixon wins OROY

- Martavious Bryant has 12 TDs

- Flacco will have his best statistical season

- Indy will be an utter disaster and Pagano will be fired

- Good Blake returns and leads the Jags to a 7-9 and Jacksonville fans will be excited about the future until falls off a cliff next year 

- Tom Savage starts all 16 games

- Henry breaks out and is getting a majority of the snaps by seasons end also Titans win the division 

- Oakland wins the division but there is some slight regression in Carr and Lynch week by week becomes less and less of a factor

- Denver finishes last in the division

- Mahomes starts the final 3 games

- Packers go 9-7 but make the Super Bowl 

- Chicago has the worst record in the NFL 

- Matt Stafford throws for 5,200 yards

- Sam Bradford breaks the completion % record but has the worst ypa of this century 

- Wentz has a sophomore slump

- Bad Eli shows up to start the season but they go on a run and make the playoffs

- Dallas remains a good team even without Zeke for a TBD suspension and easily wins the division 

- Washington deals with a lot and is a mess Gruden is Fired and Kurt is gone

- Carolina bounces back, I mentioned Mixon wining ROY but people feel McCaffery was robbed

- Tampa Bay the hot trendy pick fails to deliver

- Michael Thomas establishes himself as a top WR, Saints struggle otherwise

- Atlanta suffers a SB hangover and finishes 6-10

- Seattle's defense takes a step back but Russell Wilson has a ridiculous season keeping the Hawks in the playoffs 

- Goff has a pretty good maybe even great no I'll stick with good season and the critics stop

- SF is pretty meh and finishes with a top 5 pick

- Arizona just misses the playoffs and Bruce retires 


I may change some around but these are general thoughts I've had as of this date. 

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