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Idiot Savant; John Dorsey wrecks Bill B in trades.


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John Dorsey looks and speaks like a linebacker. 


But he has wrecked Bill B in trades, we get a 5th minus a 7th for JG who may never play again. 


We get a 3rd for Fat Danny who doesnt even play for ne who cant stop the run. 

That is some Sachi Brown like trade action.

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16 minutes ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Elliot wolf or Highsmith get a gm job this offseason or very soon. The whole team has done a great job. 

If I was Jim Haslam, I would be giving everyone a raise to ensure we keep everyone that has been involved. A couple more years with this front office, and we will dominate the league for years to come. 


The only thing I dread is that it's the subordinates that have made us a success. It would suck watching them build up a team somewhere else while we go back to struggling . 

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John Dorsey for president Wolf for GM I’ll bet money we bring in Reggie McKenzie and we already know Scotty boy is going to be back. I think even with the lower picks he’s going make some noise this year and get 1 or 2 gems after hitting on 2/4 in the first three rounds 

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6 minutes ago, brownie man said:

I gotta imagine Eliot or Highsmith is being groomed to be GM of the future 

I like em both but they’d be stupid to not try and be the successor. We’re set up for so much future success 

I hope so. If I were Haslam and Dorsey I would be selling the message to everyone that if you are associated with turning this team around and bringing the city of Cleveland a Lombardi Trophy, you will go down a legend in the football universe. Get everyone to start buying into the special nature of this team and its history and bring it back to glory.

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5 minutes ago, brownie man said:

Honestly he probably has like 5 years left of true GM work. 

His legacy will also be grooming the next guy to lead us into the future

itll be Wolf or Highsmith. I think it’ll be Wolf Highsmith will get a GM position this year or next

He's only 58...

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40 is the new 30, 58 the new decrepit 85
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