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Who ends up drafting Kyler Murray?

brownie man

Which team picks Kyler Murray?  

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  1. 1. Which Team

    • Arizona Cardinals
    • New York Giants
    • Jacksonville Jaguars
    • Oakland Raiders
    • Tampa Bay Buccs
    • Denver Broncos
    • Cinci Bengals
    • Miami Dolphins
    • Washington Redskins
    • Other if so please name

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Rumor has it that he's only interested in Arizona or Miami. Kingsbury sort of confirmed that they're committed to Rosen. 

I'm going to say the Dolphins since the owner wants to start over. Kyler and Brian Flores share the same agent as well.

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When picking a team, I thought of the following:

Who has the lack of proven personnel that enables them to completely re-write the offense without serious repercussions to their talented players? Who has the personnel to have a successful Murray-style offense (full spread super gun)? Who's willing to start over?


Only three teams, in my opinion, have players that would transition well to this sort of system: the Giants, Dolphins, and Cardinals.

I'm not sure on how Fitz would fit, though, and unless Keim tries something really crafty, I don't see them grabbing Murray. David Johnson would likely be a pretty decent fit, though. Plus, for the time being, I'll believe that the Cards won't trash a top-10 QB after one year playing for a defensive-minded coach who managed to make ALL the offense's stars struggle.

The Giants like Manning and I bet they try to keep him and draft a more prototypical QB. Murray can't play in a Manning-style offense. 

The Dolphins wouldn't have to worry about any stars on offense struggling in a Murray-friendly system. Kenyan Drake and Kalen Ballage would both be great fits for a super gun offense. At WR, the Dolphins basically have a blank slate, since I see Parker and Amendola both leaving. Albert Wilson would probably do decently, based off of his athleticism, in a Murray offense. Laremy Tunsil would be a good fit based off of his tendencies in pass pro - it could cover some of his warts in awareness. And, to top it all off, the Dolphins need the big-name juice more than any other team.


Jags have too many players that would be a bad fit and are in win-now mode. They don't want to throw a rookie under center from day one, and Murray would need a completely different playbook from whichever veteran is starting.

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4 hours ago, brownie man said:

I'm going to go with Jacksonville

Good weather team I believe they trade for Foles and develop Murray behind him.

It's certainly not impossible.  Heaven knows the Jaguars need a QB.  But i'm pretty skeptical of this scenario.

Especially the idea of both Foles and Murray.  If Foles is the route the Jaguars go, they're probably going to be working with him on a multi-year deal and a fair bit of commitment.  That'd be a real "win now" move, where i'd think that top pick gets invested in finding weapons for him and/or patching a hole created trying to fit Foles cap number in.  A QB you're ostensibly going to sit for a couple years doesn't really jive with that.

I think in general, the Jaguars front office seem pretty "traditional" when it comes to their QB evaluations.  Don't really strike me as the folks to play outside the box with a wildcard like Kyler.  But who really knows.

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2 hours ago, BleedTheClock said:

I almost said this too. They're in a position to consider something like this, especially if Bosa and Williams are gone and they for some reason don't like Oliver.

Jon Gruden loved Manziel cause of his playmaking ability, he's going to the Raiders 

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