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Mini TCMD - Release & Resign


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If there are players that you need to remove from the roster post them here, please be sure to include the team name and player info.


NYG - 2417 - Tony Lippett - CB

Also, you are allowed to resign a single UFA with a cap hit of either the APY value or the amount listed below, whichever is the greater value.

C $9,184,467
CB $14,511,631
DE $14,712,258
DT $13,999,875
FB $1,696,600
S $11,616,683
G $12,220,632
LB $17,983,781
K $3,969,703
LS $1,164,425
T $15,554,100
P $3,288,200
QB $27,132,333
RB $7,574,327
TE $9,566,607
WR $17,157,500
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