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Bears Plan New Uniform For 2019 But Won't Say What


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Matching stripes on the top edge of shoulder pads and pants seem to look best.  So burnt orange and white stripe in same design as on the right and stripes on side of pants like left.

Another cool idea is maybe the roaring bear behind the numbers across torso or back.  Faded so the numbers are clear. Like a watermark.   I'd have to see what it look like though.  It might not work.    If it looks bad maybe a small roaring bear like where SEC logo is.  

 800px-DJ_Moore.jpgSlide 22 of 50: Oh man, those red jerseys with the big white stripes and “Ole Miss” in cursive over the numbers? So nice. When those colors are flipped around, it looks great as well. Unfortunately, there is also a dark blue version, which feels bland.

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14 minutes ago, Superman(DH23) said:

Did you seek out a pic of a middle schooler in a Clemson uniform?

Nope.  Just something ugly which was white, orange, and navy and purple was as close as I could come to navy.

Donald Drumpf coulda been wearing it for all I cared.  The uni was the subject matter not the model.

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