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Pick 1 to Breakout


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This one's really tough. I think I'd pick Desmond Harrison. I don't think we really NEED a huge upgrade at RT, but Harrison going from intriguing to elite would massively improve our run game and ensure that we don't have to ever watch Garrett Gilbert throwing passes for us.

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12 minutes ago, BleedTheClock said:

You can pick 1 of these middling Browns players to have an awesome breakout season. That means, they become a high-end NFL starter.


WR Antonio Callaway
TE David Njoku
OG Austin Corbett
OT Desmond Harrison
DE Chad Thomas
OLB Genard Avery




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Callaway. Lead the team with touchdown and should see a lot more favorable match ups now that OBJ is here. A twins set with OBJ and Callaway on the same side are going to be sexy!

or isolating Callaway backside and having a Trips on the opposite site with OBJ Jarvis Njoku or Higgins. You aren’t going to give Callaway the safety help in this situation. Running a weak side WR screen to Callaway could be a nice change of pace play

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