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Preseason Week 1: Browns vs Redskins - Beginning of a Dynasty


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Let the dynasty...begin.

I think we'll see a few mental errors and some physical errors and I have no idea if we can stop the run so I expect Freddie to be pretty upset after this game.

Oh, we'll win like 42-13 but we'll focus on what we need to do better. Redskins can consider themselves lucky this is just preseason or the score wouldn't be nearly as friendly.


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DD - The Allies won WWII

No, it will be nice to see the boys hitting someone in a jersey other than brown and orange - but the only thing that will make this game a success is if all bodies come back healthy.

I am most pumped to watch quarters 2 and 3 - when the guys who will end up being your specialists or roster depth guys are playing. I posted yesterday that for the first time in years, a number of the guys we see in that portion of the game will be released on the cut to 53 - land on other NFL rosters, and play significant roles.

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4 hours ago, ditchdigger said:

Working 12s all week, so I won't get to watch the game until Saturday. So please, no spoilers. 

Iron Man dies. Finkle is Einhorn. Bruce Willis is dead the whole time. The Titanic sinks.

No stuff like that.

Jesus man, I haven’t seen Titanic yet.

What kind of selfish maniac are you?

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