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Raiders trade for WR/Returner Trevor Davis


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Really fast.  Pretty sure handed.  Poor route runner for the most part.  Almost always hurt.  Hates Hawai'i, possible domestic terrorist.  Good on returns.  He was a guy that we tried and tried to develop, but he just couldn't stay healthy.  He was a standout in training camp, if fluff pieces are to be believed.  He played well in the preseason game against the Raiders, but again was always hurt so that was his only action.  

He will at least give the defensive backs something to worry about until the beat-up WR corps gets healthier.  That is, if he doesn't join the beat-up WRs in the training room.  On the off chance that he hits, big win for the Raiders.  As of now, I am happy to get the 6th round pick for him.

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On 9/18/2019 at 8:28 PM, ET80 said:

Someone actually traded for this guy, and... I'm still waiting for the Jets to return my calls.

You think anyone there is touching a phone with mono going around?

Would you put your hands/lips near a phone that Darnold has breathed and most likely drooled on? No thank you.

Try e-mail.

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