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BDL 2019 Week 9 - Gotham Gashslayers @ Williamsport Soul Reavers


Gotham Gashslayers @ Williamsport Soul Reavers  

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BDL 2019 Week 9

Match:  Gotham Gashslayers @ Williamsport Soul Reavers

Away Owner: @pheltzbahr

Home Owner: @wwhickok

Vote for who you think will win this game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Gotham Gashslayers

QB - Carson Wentz

RB - Josh Jacobs

WR - Tyreek Hill

WR - Jarvis Landry

WR- Devante Parker

WR - Geronimo Allison

LT - Jake Matthews

LG - Andrus Peat

C - Maurkice Pouncey

RG - Shaq Mason

RT - Kaleb McGary


RB - Lesean McCoy

RB - Rashaad Penny

WR - Deon Cain

TE - Kyle Rudolph

TE - Hayden Hurst

OL - Alex Mack

OL - Michael Schofield


EDGE - Robert Quinn

INT - Chris Jones

INT - Dontari Poe

EDGE - Leonard Floyd

MLB - Benardrick McKinney

WLB - Zach Cunningham

CB - Xavier Rhodes

CB - Josh Norman

CB - Jourdan Lewis

S - Minkah Fitzpatrick

S - Justin Simmons


EDGE - Charles Harris

INT - PJ Hall

INT - Vernon Butler

LB - Anthony Hitchens

LB - Danny Trevethan

CB - Eric Rowe

CB - Rasul Douglas

S - Clayton Geathers

Williamsport Soul Reavers

QB: Dak Prescott
RB1: Chris Carson
WR1: Golden Tate
WR2: Calvin Ridley
Slot WR: Randall Cobb
TE: Dallas Goedert
LT: Charles Leno
LG: Austin Blythe
C: Mitch Morse
RG: J.C. Tretter
RT: Dion Dawkins

FB: Rosey Nix
FB: Derek Watt
RB2: Derrick Henry
RB3: Tevin Coleman
WR4: John Brown
WR5: DeSean Hamilton
WR: Allen Lazard
OL: Chuks Okorafor

(4-3 look)

LE: Charles Omenihu
NT: DJ Reader
DT: Michael Bennett
RE: Brian Burns
LOLB: Devin Bush
MLB: Hasson Reddick
ROLB: Bud Dupree 
CB1: Byron Jones
CB2: Donte Jackson
FS: Karl Joseph
SS: Morgan Burnett


DE; John Simon

DL: Tyson Alualu

LB: Vince Williams
LB: Brandon Marshall
NCB: Cam Sutton
CB: Carlton Davis
S: Jermaine Whitehead
S: Marquise Blair


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Gotham Gashslayers

OFFENSE - 4WR/1RB (60 pass 40 run)

Passing Game - We are going 4 wide this week looking to overwhelm a Williamsport secondary that can’t field enough CBs to cover them all.  Hill and Landry will run out of the slot in our base, but we will also use trips bunches to isolate Hill on one side in single coverage or Williamsport risks leaving an uncovered WR on the other side.  Wentz will be given full rein to audible if he detects an easy yardage mistmatch, whether with personnel or coverage.

Running Game - We will use Josh Jacobs as a bell cow in this one, with McCoy being used on third and longs and Penny as a change of pace and goal line back to keep Jacobs fresh.

Protection - We will give McGary’s side help on 3rd and longs with McCoy on a read react for blitzes, but we think our O Line can handle WIlliampsort’s 4 man rush consistently.

DEFENSE - 4-2-5 Single High Nickel

With Williamsport looking to run a balanced offense, we will look to pressure Dak, focus on stopping them from getting the run game going early and generally stay in our lane, waiting for opportunities to make a game changing play.

Run Defense - With a bevy of runners, we look to focus on preventing the Williamsport ground game from gaining momentum early.  McKinney is going to have a big game as his sole focus is making the tackle. We have Jones and Poe clogging up the middle, so we feel we can bottle up most runs up the middle.  Cunningham will have readreact over TE, so we will have another LB over tackle to prevent Carson and Coleman from getting around the corner. Minkah Fitz will play up in the box in a SLB position opposite Zach early on to contain outside runs as well.

Pass Defense - We will mix man and zone with Rhodes and Norman playing sides.  Lewis in the slot. Simmons plays centerfield, shading to Norman’s side, but reacting to deep routes in general.  Putting Simmons in this playmaker role should reap rewards against an inconsistent Prescott. We think he will be the one to get us that momentum changing play to demoralize our opponenent.

Pass Rush - We go with a 4 man rush primarily, but on obvious passing downs, we bring the house.  McKinney will blitz on almost every passing down in lieu of his run stopping duties. Fitz will cover RB outlets on read react, blitzing as well if max protect is detected.  


Team: Williamsport Soul Reavers

Base Offensive Scheme: Erhardt-Perkins system, west coast WR concepts, RPO and zone blocking run game concepts

Core strengths: Mobile QB that is excellent in play action, RPO. Multiple RBs that can run both power and zone. Multiple WRs that excel in short to intermediate routes.

Strategy Against Gotham: 

Offensive Gameplan

In this game we are going to do something we really havent all season. JJ Watt being down is a big blow to a very good defense. Gotham has a very good secondary, Though we do feel we can have some success against Jourdan Lewis, Rasul Douglas, and/or Josh Norman (should the latter two play any extended period of time).

We will run the following formations/packages:

Single back, I formation, 3 WR, Pistol, 4 WR, 2 TE, Split back, Wildcat.

-- some set notes --

A couple times in the game we will run the wildcat with Tevin Coleman, nothing crazy in terms of % maybe 3 times in the game just as a wrinkle. When in 3 WR sets we will use the middle of the field to attack the defense staying away from Minkah Fitzpatrick quite frankly.

In 2 TE sets we will have Maxx William's as an extra blocker and Goedert as a receiver.

In Split back formations it will be Carson and Coleman. Coleman is a better receiver than Henry imo so we like that matchup more than having Henry in at the same time as Carson.
In 4 WR sets we want Tate, Brown, Ridley, Cobb on the field.

Other than 3 WR, the other formation we will use most often is I Formation. We will use the Pistol and Singleback formations occassionally as a 'change of pace'. But when we run it's mostly going to be via the I formation.

Our run/pass for this game is going be be 68/32.

We are going to take advantage of the absence of JJ Watt and run it at the middle of their defense. Everyone in our RB corps will see the field in this game to wear down that DLine though Carson will get the majority of the snaps with Henry being his primary sub.

The idea we have in this game is to wear down the D, control the clock, keep the score close and capitalize on our scoring opportunities.


Base Defensive Scheme: 4-3 front 7, Cover 2 Zone secondary

Core strengths: DL and LB are able to play the run and generate pressure both naturally and through blitzing. Linebackers also excel in zone coverage. 

Strategy against Gotham:

The majority (65%) of this game we are going to run the Nickle Defense.  Brining Jackson and Sutton onto the field. Byron Jones will be tasked with shutting down Tyreek Hill. A Safety (Joseph) will be tasked with playing a deep zone to assist against deep balls.

We will run about a 50/50 man/zone. When in man Nelson will cover Landry, Jones on Hill, Jackson on Parker,, Sutton on either the #4 WR, the TE, or the RB (in situations where there is a receiving TE and RB on the field at the same time, I want Sutton on the TE, Bush on the RB)

Burnett's job in this game will be to play more conservative and protect against the deep ball on his side of the ball as well.

When we are in our nickel defense with just 1 LB on the field that LB will be Devin Bush. Vince William's who is very good against the Run will be his primary sub.

When not in Dime, we will run Cover 2, Cover 3, and Cover 6 defenses.

In the running game Devin Bush will be tasked with limiting Jacobs and/or Breida (or whomever plays at RB)

Maurkice Pouncey struggles in situations where someone is lined up right over top of him, so...guess where Reader is lining up pretty much all game? We will also attack the LG area as while Peat has been decent this year he is also the weak link of the OL.

We will blitz occassionally even out of the nickel. But the 45% where we are not in nickel we will run plays out of our base 4-3 and blitz with our OLBs and rely on our DL to get additional pressure. It's also worth noting that there is a very good chance Maurkice Pouncey is not 100% in this game.


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9 minutes ago, bcb1213 said:

OK but again who is Nelson 

Steven Nelson. I only have one person on my roster with the name last name Nelson.

He was supposed to be on there. Apparently the edit didnt save because I had Donte Jackson listed as my backup to Jones. 

But that's fine.  So it would be Jones on Hill, Jackson on Landry, Sutton on the TE or #4 CB, Davis on Parker.

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1 hour ago, wwhickok said:

Steven Nelson. I only have one person on my roster with the name last name Nelson.

He was supposed to be on there. Apparently the edit didnt save because I had Donte Jackson listed as my backup to Jones. 

But that's fine.  So it would be Jones on Hill, Jackson on Landry, Sutton on the TE or #4 CB, Davis on Parker.

Got Ya.  Hope u understand my confusion lol 

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Gotham's OTs are weak. WSR's edge rushers are strong.

WSR interior OLine are weak. Gothams defensive interior are bulldozers. 


I really think this will be a low scoring game overall. I think what separates the two is Dak's mobility to escape. Wentz I don't see the same ability.

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