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Best and worst contracts handed out in FA thus far


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I liked the byron jones deal for maimi, premium player at a premium position. 

Im guessing The Panthers will have buyers regret with Teddy, to me he is an A+ back up or a bottom end starter. 

I hooper to the browns and  conklin to the browns. 

The only oline contract i did not like was the one to the lions. 

I like joe schobert to the jags, but i do not think it is great contract for him, he won't see most of that money i am guessing.


The market for brady wqs weaker than i thought, if i was Jerry i wpuld have gone all in on brady. 

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Rivers for 25mil prove it deal with that OL and a familiar coach is the best contract I think.
If Derrick Henry burns out from high usage, this move probably puts the Colts on one of the easier paths to the playoffs with Houston giving Hopkins away and Jaguars having many needs.

I like the Littleton deal a lot as well in the context of how bad the Raiders LB situation has been for so long.

Jimmy Graham at 8 per to a cap strapped Bears, and Eric Murray on a 3 year 20+ deal were some notable oops imo.

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