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LA Chargers to unveil new uniforms Tuesday


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Glad they are letting the bolt be freeform and not boxed in like the last Unis.
Like the overall set. What the should've done years ago. Good job chargers.

I would've said the Helmet numbers are nice so they could keep TV numbers off the Unis.
But the pats didnt have that either so I guess it's no longer a needed thing by the league?

Need to go fine real pics of these and not renders. 

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1 hour ago, Boltstrikes said:

That’s my favorite part. Not a fan of the white jersey and yellow pants look when you compare it to the all white. Love the powder blue with yellow pants. Love the color rush, and for the first time I love the navy look. The lightning bolt on the leg sounds cheese but looks nice. It’s been a while since I could say the Chargers did something business wise right but this was a good change. 

The numbers just seem old school tacky college uniform to me.

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12 minutes ago, Danger said:

The numbers just seem old school tacky college uniform to me.

Little bit. But the slight italicized numbers kinda work...didn't realized that was the look until that pic of the guy walking his dog.
At least as far as fitting the branding,

Hate the italics on the Steelers uniforms. 

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I'm a little confused. Haven't we been talking ad nauseam about the one-helmet rule? The Chargers are showcasing 3 different styles here. 


With that said I love these. Once again, Nike has modernized a historical look with the helmet numbers and the simplicity of the numbers/outlines. The navy blues are sexy. 

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