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LA Chargers to unveil new uniforms Tuesday


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27 minutes ago, Blackstar12 said:

What’s stopping him from showing it now instead of Tuesday. Isn’t much people can do nowadays with quarantined anyways.

I think they are spacing out each teams uniforms reveal so they can each get their own time in the media to make it more of a big deal.

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43 minutes ago, DannyB said:

Good god, was it like a league mandate that every mediocre franchise get new uniforms this year or something?

Feels like a lot of teams changing their uniforms. 

Falcons, Bucs, Browns, now Chargers. Any others i missed?

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18 hours ago, N4L said:

These are all coming from Nike, right? The new logo didn't come from Nike. So I will say that Nike may have done something amazing here despite how poor the chargers management is. The chargers have cool colors and honestly need sex appeal in LA if they ever want anyone to actually root for them. 

Maybe it will be 2 bolts humping with plastic surgery.

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15 hours ago, Xenos said:

Honestly wished they never changed the navy blues in 2007. Those are my second favorite after the original powder blues.

supposedly the Color Rush is navy, despite the color getting taken out of the rest of the look and logo

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