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TRADES - not all but important to the draft

Dallas trades A. Cooper to Miami for #18 - Miami has extra draft pick and gets a top 10 WR

Dallas trades #8, #18 and franchised Dak Prescott for #1 (and extra first round in 2022 draft IF Dak does not sign long term deal). - Trevor Lawrence pulls a Eli and refuses to play for the Jets or Jacksonville.  The Jets trade for best package available and try and invest most of draft capital to get Dak Prescott to sign longer deal

Indy trades # 20 to Jets for Sam Darnold - most people think Sam Darnold is still a good option at QB, just the Jets have never helped him on offense.  Darnold behind the best o-line in football with a great young RB will get 1 year to show if he still has a future.  I don't think he will be a top 5 QB but, not having to carry a team will allow him to be a very good starter.  



1.DALLAS FROM New York Jets - QB - Trevor Lawrence - what a better situation than the Jets or Jacksonville

2.Jacksonville Jaguars - QB - Justin Fields 

3.New York Giants - DE - Gregory Rousseau - not as good a prospect as Chase Young, but should be great.  Reminds me of a young JPP

4.Washington Football Team - QB - Trey Lance

5.Atlanta Falcons - LB - Micah Parsons - best LB for a terrible defense

6.Denver Broncos - CB - Patrick Surtain II

7.Cincinnati Bengals - OT - Penei Sewell - Best OT prospect I've ever seen.  Really the player I want the Jets to get.

8.JETS FROM Dallas Cowboys - WR - JaMarr Chase - Best WR prospect since Calvin Ridley

9.Los Angeles Chargers - CB - Shaun Wade

10.Detroit Lions - CB - Caleb Fairley

11.Minnesota Vikings - OG - Wyatt Davis

12.San Francisco 49ers - CB - Paulson Adebo

13.New England Patriots - WR - Rashod Bateman - the worst WR corp outside the Jets gets better, not sure who throws him the ball

14.MIAMI FROM Houston Texans - RB - Travis Etienne - Amari Cooper and Etienne make that offense scary

15.Carolina Panthers - LB - Jabril Cox 

16.Cleveland Browns - LB - Hamilcar Rashed Jr - the best prospect you haven't heard of yet.  Will shoot up the draft boards by the end of the college season

17.Chicago Bears - WR - DeVonta Smith - Robinson will move on, Smith may be the best on week 1

18.JETS FROM Dallas from Miami Dolphins OT - Samuel Cosmi - keep building a great o-line, keep Dak upright and happy

19.Philadelphia Eagles  S - Jevon Holland

20.JETS FROM Indy - RB - Najee Harris - as close to Derrick Henry as I've seen, build around Dak and try to get him to sign long term

21.JACKSONVILLE FROM Los Angeles Rams - OT - Walker Little

22.Arizona Cardinals - CB - Israel Mukuamu

23.Tennessee Titans - DE - Carlos Basham Jr - younger and better than Clowney

24.Las Vegas Raiders - LB - Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah - underrated and will be moving up the draft boards. Looked great against Clemson

25.JETS FROM Seattle Seahawks - CB - Asante Samuel Jr

26.Buffalo Bills - LB - Dylan Moses

27.Baltimore Ravens - S - Hamsah Nasirildeen - the best defense gets another great player

28.New Orleans Saints - WR - Jaylen Waddle - finally someone opposite Mike Thomas, way over cap, not sure if Brees comes back, but the offensive players on that team would be SCARY

29.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - EDGE - Patrick Jones II - younger and way cheaper than Shaq Barrett.  Shaq had an all-time great year, but he's not worth what he's gonna get on the open market

30.Kansas City Chiefs - OG - Trey Smith - Protect the half a billion dollar man

31.Green Bay Packers - WR - Chris Olave - finally some WR help for Rogers, IF he's still there

32.Pittsburgh Steelers - C - Creed Humphrey - OC or OG, he’s nasty and a great player


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5.Atlanta Falcons - LB - Micah Parsons - best LB for a terrible defense

Love the pick i think Parsons paired with Debo and Foye make one of the best LB cores in the nfl when all is said and done.   I also think our defense is alot better than given credit for Quinn was seriously holding them back imo.   Over the last 4 games since Quinn has been gone we are top 8 in PPG allowed at 22.2 ppg.  We have climbed from 31st under Quinn to 23rd now in just 4 games.   Still think we need a few more pieces on defense for sure but i don't think were as terrible as people think without quinn screwing things up still.

I would say 2 good round 2 picks or positions would be  the best elite coverage Safety you can find,  the best DE available to replace Takk

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If the Colts were to trade for Darnold, it wouldn’t be for a first. Mostly because I don’t see many teams fighting over him. You could realistically get a 2nd or a 3rd but I think the Colts use Jacob Eason as a fall back in case someone tries to leverage a QB for a first round pick.

We could even get someone like Wilson or Trask at 20 or, more likely,  trade up 8-10 picks to ensure getting them 

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47 minutes ago, Tetsujin said:

In this scenario, Miami gets Amari Cooper and his 20M/year contract instead of the much cheaper top WR psoepect in JaMarr Chase? That is absolutely out of character for this team and absolutely crazy.

agreed, this draft should have been called my delusional dreams.  

Cooper is traded for pick #18, Miami won't get Chase at #18 or #14 where I have them drafting.  

They could package both and move up to #4 or #5 (from the trade chart value), but would you rather have Cooper and Etienne or trade both for just JaMarr Chase?  

As for the salary, you have a good QB on the cheap for the next 5 years, now is the time you can pay a top player premium money and not worry about it.  In 5 years when Tua's salary goes to $35 million+  a year is when you really have to worry about paying complimentary players.  

For now, I would be glad to pay $20 million a year to put a top 10 WR in the line-up.  But as a Jets fan, we dont have the luxury of a good young QB we already ruined Darnold and when Darnold was a second year player, I would have given my right nut to get him some help, the Jets got him Jamison Crowder, not Amari Cooper.  Who would you rather have?


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13 hours ago, J_E_T_$ said:

13.New England Patriots - WR - Rashod Bateman - the worst WR corp outside the Jets gets better, not sure who throws him the ball

The last thing we need is a Big WR with average speed, lacks change of direction skills. WR in the 1st Rd with no speed and quickness is a wasted pick. Plus we already have one  in Harry!

13 hours ago, J_E_T_$ said:

28.New Orleans Saints - WR - Jaylen Waddle

You have to explain this one. This should be good.  Oh ya,  by the way have you heard of a player named Zach Wilson !!

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