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Update: (There was no search. You dreamed it) Shane Bowen is DC.


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I think this is what happened. 

Pees retired. 

Vrabel didn't find or couldn't get who he wanted. So he said let me take over most of the duty. Get Bowen to be the DC and we hold this thing together during a pandemic with tape until next season. 

Kinda sad he sacrificed this year to almost experimentation. 

But glad he recognizes that he needs a DC. 

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32 minutes ago, -Hope- said:

weird that it’s been so quiet aside from one interview with teryl austin...hope we’re still actually looking for a DC lol

Another guy I’m starting think vrabel leans heavy to is Romeo Crennel thinking how vrabel loves hiring guys that he’s buds with or coached him 😩

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11 minutes ago, Titans fan 617 said:

I’m not a fan of Romeo unless it some how helped get us Watt but I don’t think getting Watt is realistic 

I’m no fan of his either I believe the game has passed him by, he fails to make adjustments even when he’s had a defense with talent to work with 

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