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Pre-Draft Prospect Meetings


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19 minutes ago, warfelg said:

Etienne is the target IMO. Just pulled a 4.40; 4.36 hand timed. 

For reference McFarland ran a 4.45. 

Yea with Canada being there, I’m guessing him...although Powell abs Rodgers are solid as well.

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All of sudden our RB room would have a lot of speed with a Mcfarland/Etienne backfield. I also think Ray-Ray with his speed will be apart of the running game. Canada had  widouts running for a lot of yards with Pitt in 2016. Quadree Henderson(WR) had over 600 yards rushing in the offense.

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53 minutes ago, warfelg said:

I know how a lot of you feel about a 1st round RB but sorry I’m taking one. Outside of Bell (2nd), who in this 3-6 round running backs have managed to be good?

I did some digging yesterday for funsies. 

22 of the starting RB's in the NFL last year were in the top 5 drafted in their position. 19 of them came from rounds 1-2. So 60% of the starters are the first two rounds and 70% are in the "best" of the yearly group.  5 of the 13 remaining outside of rounds 1 and 2 were drafted within the first 10 picks of the 3rd round. So 75% of the starting RB's in the league get drafted before pick 75.

8 of the top 10 rushing leaders last year at RB (not counting Lamar) fall into the category of being 1-2 rounders and 14 of the top 20 (matching the 70% number). 6 of the 10 top All-Purpose RB's fall into the 1-2 rounds bucket.  

The perception is that you can get a running back anywhere, but it's not really true. For every Chris Carson, there are 3 running backs taken in the first 75 picks of the draft. The chances of you getting a James Robinson is extremely low, so if you are looking for a starter, you might as well go and find a quality one. 

That's not to say you need to take one in the first round (personally, I think the key is being in on it in the second as 1st round RB talents fall in todays drafts), but Im okay with drafting a guy who is going to touch the ball 25-30 times in the late first. I don't love it necessarily, but I would take it if he was BPA because of just how much impact that player can have from how often the ball finds its way into their hands. I understand fixing the line first too, but the draft is a 4-5 year investment (that you hope turns into 8-10). So if Harris or Etienne is a game changer vs someone further down the list, take em.

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