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East Semis: (2) Nets vs (3) Bucks (Nets lead series 3-2)

Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Nets in 4
    • Nets in 5
    • Nets in 6
    • Nets in 7
    • Bucks in 4
    • Bucks in 5
    • Bucks in 6
    • Bucks in 7

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Game 1: Nets 115, Bucks 107 (Nets lead series 1-0)
Game 2: Nets 125, Bucks 86 (Nets lead series 2-0)
Game 3: Bucks 86, Nets 83 (Nets lead series 2-1)
Game 4: Bucks 107, Nets 96 (Series tied 2-2)
Game 5: Nets 114, Bucks 108 (Nets lead series 3-2)
Game 6: Nets at Bucks - Thursday, 6/17 (8:30 PM EST | ESPN)
Game 7: Bucks at Nets - Saturday, 6/19 (TBD | TNT) - If necessary

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Considering how well Tatum played this team... Gianis has a healthier and better supporting cast. The Nets played the Celtics like it was an All-Star game. I think the Bucks have the edge unless the Nets come out different. 

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This is gonna be a fun one. 

DiVincenzo Injury is gonna hurt them in this series. They were able to get away with it against the Heat. Forbes and Connaughton when he subs in are gonna have big red targets on them. Heat don’t have anyone to take advantage of match up. Irving and Harden will abuse that match up. Holiday will be on one of them(Irving/Harden) the other one will have a great match up that favors them in a iso situation. 

I bet on the Nets to win the series last night. To much fire power with the big 3 and then you have to worry about Joe Harris shooting. 

Will be interesting in seeing how the Bucks match up on defense with the Nets. Do they put Middleton on Irving or Harden with Holiday taking the other one and try to hide Forbes on Harris. If that happens we’ll see a heavy dose of PnR to get Forbes on Irving or Harden. 

Excited for this series. Thank god it starts on Saturday 

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Been waiting for this series all season, especially once they made the move for PJ. Dude was essentially brought in for this match up. 

Giannis and Jrue need to get to the paint every single trip down the floor. Nets have no inside presence at all........Durant was blocking his fair share of shots vs the Celtics but overall the Nets just don't have it there. This is a series they need to play Claxton major minutes. DAJ got absolutely ABUSED by Giannis in the last two meetings and now he's not even in the rotation so that's actually a plus for the Nets.

I would put Jrue on Kyrie and not Harden. I think that would be a mistake. Harden, if he wants to score is going to score and Jrue isn't going to be able to do much against him and it would be better if he can contain Kyrie and frustrate him into taking some ill-advised shots. Harden game by game changes his style of play and if he's in facilitator mode, no need to stick Jrue on him. Giannis will have to guard KD for a decent amount of the time, especially in the 4th quarter but I'm guessing Middleton/Tucker get most of the minutes on him. And honestly that's fine since there is no stopping him anyways, might as well let those two get into KD and make him work for every shot.

I'll go with the talent of the Nets big 3 in 6. Will be a very fun series but KD is going to close two tight games down the stretch which will be the difference makers. 

Can't wait though! 

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  • beekay414 changed the title to East Semis: (2) Nets vs (3) Bucks - Game 1, Saturday @ 7:30 PM EST (TNT)

I have the Nets in 6. The big advantage the Nets have is the Bucks havent faced the Big 3. Harden is going to be the big difference. The Bucks faced Harden once this year with the Nets and they lost. It was just KD and Harden without Kyrie. We all know Giannis is going to get his. KD will get his too so they will cancel each other out. One of two things have to happen if the Bucks will win this series. Either Middleton and Holiday will have to have career series OR they have to force Kyrie and/or Harden to have their worse career series. If the Big 3 dominates by scoring an average of 70+ points combined and the Bucks Big 3 cant match that then the Bucks will lose. I say Harden is going to be the big difference but Im also looking at Harris. He mad 48% of his 3pt shots in the Boston series. He will definitely get great looks in this series because even though the Bucks play great defense they cant lock down on KD, Kyrie, Harden and then pay close attention to Harris. So if the Big 3 goes off and average at least 70pts combined in the series AND we get Harris shooting his average from the 3 which is 48% then I just dont see how the Bucks beat the Nets. Its going to be a tough series now doubt. I say Nets in 6 but I could also see this series going 7 but in the end the Nets will win. 

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2 hours ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

same thing I went with

Yeah, the Nets have star power but I have faith in the Bucks. Giannis has a chance to shake the current stigma about him not being able to perform under the bright lights and I like how they match up with the Nets. It will probably be the funnest series of the playoffs.

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  • beekay414 changed the title to East Semis: (2) Nets vs (3) Bucks (Nets lead series 3-2)

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