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Week 2: NE Patriots vs NY Jets

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On 9/17/2021 at 12:10 PM, rickyt31 said:

Just need Wilson to be able to get things going with the other targets on the field. BB will definitely take away Davis. 

Knew this was coming and the other defenses will follow this until Wilson can prove he can beat it.

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Just now, KBS756 said:

were gonna have to keep Maye

This should have been obvious before and idk why JD is playing hard ball ... Maye is worth it. 

The good news is the defense looks very good and the OL looks fantastic. The run game as well. The bad news is, yall were simp'ing for Wilson a little too quick last week. Tbh he looks lost out there lol.

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The Patriots do this to us every single time, I am tired of our QB throwing 4 INTs vs them, Its like every year we have this. 

Wilson had a bad day, I had a feeling this was going to happen because it happens every time to us. The Patriots defense is good at creating INTs, they confuse young QBs. 

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Michael Carter is a good ball player, hes going to have a solid career at RB.


Belichick always does this to young QBs, its rare that he gets beat. It is good to see the run game starting to come alive, we need that. Wilson played a bad game, hopefully he can learn from it and get better because we are playing another good defense next week. 


Its about growth this season, not about wins.  

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