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Lions release LB Jamie Collins; Signs with Patriots


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He probably still has something to offer the right situation, pass rush and the ability to drop into zone. 

He probably shouldnt be chasing runningback around the field, he is old, and over 250 pounds, that is bad coaching, and has never been a sideline to sideline type of guy.

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his effort as well as his performance are under renewed fire after his struggles deepened in both losses to open this season. He allowed all three passes thrown his way to be caught in the loss against Green Bay on Monday night, and was burned for a touchdown by running back Aaron Jones.

“Look, Jamie had some mistakes,” head coach Dan Campbell said. “It wasn’t certainly his best performance.”

When asked directly about Collins’ effort a day later, Campbell wouldn’t offer the same defense.

“Does he move with the same effort or have the same effort as Alex Anzalone ? No, I don’t (think so),” Campbell said.
“I think Alex just plays at a high level all the time. That’s him. That’s how it goes.”


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i cant stand these quitters, one thing that should never be questioned is effort. No one forces you to sign anywhere, and to just give up on your team, coaches, teammates and fans is inexcusable. They slack off then sign with a winner then all of a sudden they try again. Weak.

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