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The Last Fan on Earth - DABOYLE WINS


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36 minutes ago, Daboyle said:


setting up hunting blind


34 minutes ago, Tk3 said:

start hunting blind: 8th of the day


20 minutes ago, Pickle Rick said:

Setting up hunting blind #2 



Sorry guys got sidetracked talking to my neighbor.


At 7:44 a wild boar appeared. Another at 7:49 and a third at 7:53!


@Tk3 @Pickle Rick and @Daboyle make their kills!

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I, uh... I'm going to call up a prostitute, get a little spaced, a lot wasted. You guys can still hunt - I heard 10:30, 10:40 and 10:50 might be some good witching hours for hogs, but it could be a fever dream.

But, I might be back if I hear some rustling in the woods for someone to kill...

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  • Dome changed the title to The Last Fan on Earth - DABOYLE WINS

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