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The Last Fan on Earth - DABOYLE WINS


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On 11/28/2021 at 9:15 AM, Dome said:
  1. @Malfatron
  2. @Whicker
  3. @Daboyle
  4. @bcb1213
  5. @Tk3
  6. @SwAg
  7. @The Orca
  8. @Pickle Rick
  9. @gopherwrestler
  10. @JoshstraDaymus
  11. @Nazgul
  12. @Matts4313


Starting now the only game related communication you may have must happen in this thread or an official TLFoE Discord server.


The Immune System Evaluations

Each of you have been given 11 vials of an unnamed but rather mild form of the stomach flu, the symptoms will be similar to food poisoning. The vials are numbered 1-11 from the strongest (1) to weakest (11).

Send me a list of all 11 players in the game, assigning one player to each vial from strongest (1) to weakest (11).

The vial number assigned to each player will be multiplied by 4, this represents the percentage chance that player has of experiencing no symptoms at all.

The last player to submit their list will be the first to be injected with no chance to avoid the symptoms. The top player on their list will get the 2nd injection. The most recently injected player's list will be referenced each turn to determine who is injected next, skipping players who have already got the prick. This will continue until just one player remains.

I will run the Dice Maiden Bot to see which players experience no symptoms (passes [vial number * 4] check) from their injection as they are happening.

The last player to be injected will win 1st place, receiving 1 Purgatory Token and 1 player added to their Discord.

Any players who experience no symptoms at all will receive one Competition Token.


tl;dr: Send me a list with every player in the game (excluding yourself). The higher you list them the more likely they are to be eliminated sooner with no reward. The lower you list a player the more likely they are to win this competition with a reward.


When is this due?

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