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Jordy Nelson vs Cooper Kupp


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Yeah, you know the exact reason why this comparison was made.








Its obviously because they both have played for QBs who went to Cal. I mean, there's really no other glowing similarities between them other than that.

We've gotten enough of a sample size to see where Kupp stands as a player now.

Who you taking in their prime?

Jordy Nelson or Cooper Kupp?


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Cooper Kupp has always been unbelievable to watch, the fact that he's production has increased so much is due to Stafford but he was the same guy with Goff. He hasn't magically got better. No doubt about it. Injuries have staggered him a little in the past, but he always came back and produced without missing a beat. 

Stafford is above all else, a lot more intelligent than Goff and that's really aided his production this year. If Stafford continues to play at a high level, and Kupp continues to stay healthy, it will lead to sustained success for a long time. I don't predict 2000 yards going into next season, but I'd imagine that he will still follow it up with very high volume at a consistent level. 

Jordy Nelson was very good with Rodgers, but Cooper Kupp is historic with Matthew Stafford. 

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48 minutes ago, El Ramster said:

Jordy wishes he was as big and fast as Kupp. Kupp all day! GB 33 rams 3. 

If you google their 40 times Jordy in his prime was actually a hair faster.  4.51 for Jordy and 4.62 for Kupp.  Jordy is one inch taller too.

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1 minute ago, Pugger said:

If you google their 40 times Jordy in his prime was actually a hair faster.  4.51 for Jordy and 4.62 for Kupp.

Baby I’m sorry I’m kidding.. I know Jordy was a really good player. But what Kupp has done is arguably the greatest season ever as a WR. Right now I wouldn’t be mad if 100% people picked Jordy. He’s earned that right, but as talent and potential it’s Kupp.. Because of his Yac, hands and route. You can say a 40 time all you want, but Kupp on the field is much more explosive. Kupp will need another 2-3 seasons over 1200-1400’ to cement his self over. Both great for sure! I remember watching the draft and many people threw up when GB drafted Jordy’ a bust they said 😂 What has killed Kupp in the past were his injuries. He’s always open and that’s a special trait.. you know he’s coming and for him to not be stopped? Michael Jordan specialty right there!! Dude almost broke 2 records this year.. Things Jordy could never 💅 

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Jordy 8,587.. 72 Tuddies.. 56.9 Yards a game.. Catch % 66.3

10’ years.. 

Kupp 5,517.. 40 Tuddies. 77.7 Yards a game. Catch% 72.4

5 years.. 

Jordy barely has had 4 seasons with a 70% catch rate.. 

Kupp has had 4 straight.. 



In production and efficiency Kupp destroys Jordy my queen @Pugger

Holy crap Kupp had a catch rate of 75.9% catch rate with 4 million targes this year.. 


Calvins 1900+’season he was at 59.8%
Jesus Christ. 

@jrry32eye popping Numbers or am I overrating it? 

**** Cooper Kupp plays over 20+
Yards, 84.. Plays over 40+, 20..


Jordy Nelson plays over 20+, 123.. Plays over 40+, 32.. 


Kupp is just much better any way you dice is it my love. One got to play with Aaron for 9 years..

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I'm a GB fan and was an absolutely huge fan of Jordy who didn't get quite as much praise as he deserved during his playing days. 

But this goes to Kupp, and it isn't really particularly close - both for peak season, and through the first 5 years of their careers. Same for Jordy vs Davante debates. Not a knock on Jordy, those two are just that good.

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