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Owners approve postseason overtime rule ensuring both teams get a possession


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1 minute ago, wackywabbit said:

Dislike this. Especially in the regular season. Just take the tie.

Well it’s playoffs only.  And I agree with that.  Because any solution extending games is always bad for player injury risk.  So regular season staying the same makes sense that the solution only applies for sudden death games.   Much like how NHL does it.   

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8 minutes ago, viking said:


In OT stop the opposing team on defense and your chance to win with a FG greatly increases.

Do you not agree the game is favored on the offensive side of the ball making this a little more difficult to accomplish? In the old days when you could breathe too hard on an opposing QB and not get flagged for it, I'd agree

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53 minutes ago, RaidersAreOne said:

I'm in the minority it seems but I like this a lot.

Go to Main Forum thread.  It’s more split that you think.  Change announcements almost always generates negative response initially.   

There’s definitely a cost to this.  Why it also is crucial that it’s only for playoffs.  My main objection when it was proposed at the meetings was that it was for both playoffs and regular season.   The added risk to injury by extending games wasn’t nearly worth it if you did it for every OT game in the regular season.    Doing it for sudden death games only makes the risk rational and tolerable IMO.   

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