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61- 49ers select Drake Jackson USC DE


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30 minutes ago, straighthate said:

Grades on him are not great. Says weak at attack, not really a grinder, etc. I know nothing about him. Expectation he puts on a ton of weight? He pretty raw? 

He was definitely one of the best players available at that spot. 

He's a tough call though because his weight is 100% funky. Tremendous athlete...but he needs strength. YOu can see in his draft video that the weight he has added isn't great, so that's something to monitor. But he's three down potential, which someone like Bonitto is just never going to have. 

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32 minutes ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

The goal is for him to gain some weight and rush from the interior like Key? 

I don't think he'll get that big, but SDE and then pass rushing from the interior on passing downs is something I could certainly see. 

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I understand and agree with the knocks on Jackson's game. But for what THIS front four needs, he's the perfect compliment to Bosa. Play him around 245-255 and just let him bend the corner. Bosa is going to push so many sacks his way, it's crazy. He's not the most polished, most physical DE we could have gotten. But we needed 'twitchy' and were sure as hell got it.

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