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2022 NBA Fantasy Draft: Draft Begins Wed!!!!


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PG- J.Murray 25/ FVV 25/ Kemba 10

SG- Dorozan 20/ J.Murray 10/FVV 10/ J.Harris 10/ Bogdan 10

SF- M.PorterJr 35 / DFS 10/ Bogdan 8/ J.Harris 7

PF- DFS 20/ Dorazon 20/ Davis 20

C- Davis 20/ BagleyJr 20 / ??!


Starting DeRozan at SG or PF vs DFS or FVV be matchup dependent.  Imagine DFS gets start but the JMurray/FVV lineup with DeRozan at PF and Davis at Center going to be a nightmare to defend 

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7 hours ago, NYRaider said:

For the matchups I was thinking of splitting into two sides of 8.

Use a randomizer again, 1 plays 16 and so on with each matchup being on opposite sides, so 2 v 15 would be on the other side. 

I’m sure I’ll be 16

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Dude it's actually insane how deep the NBA is right now. There are still very solid players going off the board and some guys still available that I am shocked by. I'm blown away after my previous experiences doing this lmao. Like 5 guys have gone in the last 20 or so picks that I considered in the top 100 

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22 minutes ago, amac said:


G- De’Aaron Fox / Tyus Jones

G- Devin Booker / Norman Powell

F- Mikal Bridges / Harrison Barnes

F- Al Horford / PJ Tucker

C- Karl-Anthony Towns / Kevon Looney

I don't like that you compensated for having soft stars by getting a lot of tough role players.

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I was actually trying to trade up for Caruso. One of the best guard defenders in the NBA, he was 3rd in deflections per36, of guards had the 2nd most screen assists after Curry, has had a positive on/off every year in the NBA in the reg szn and playoffs, career 37% 3pt shooter, had 4 assists to 1.4 TOs this year. Just a really good role player. 

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I’d like to hear overall thoughts on my team?

My goal was to go guard heavy, a lot of 3-guard rotations. And original goal was to take Draymond at the 5, but had to go with Adebayo who I’m a huge fan of.

My self critiques:

-definitely took Klay a little too early but he’s one of my favorite players and still a 20 ppg near 40% 3pt shooter who I think can effectively still guard bigger wings. I think he’s still a very good player

-took Davion too early but again maybe my favorite player in the league after Luka, plus he’s an elite defender, one I truly believe is a top 5 in the league who will become a better shooter. Had no issue grabbing that as my backup PG.

-I think the lack of shooting at the 5 can be an argument against me, but with Bam that’s fine. I believe Adams’ value as an offensive rebounder and elite screener for Steph, Poole, Klay is extremely valuable in a backup role.


I think I got an absolute steal in Cam Johnson and Vassell at their picks. I also think my bench is pretty damn good and fits really well together, basing off the final 2 pieces I add. I think Gordon is an odd player but fits extremely well with my team makeup.


This has been really fun. Thanks for having me in this.

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