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2022 NBA Fantasy Draft: Draft Begins Wed!!!!


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My bad y'all we are going to restart so if you want to resign up so we can set up a more organized draft plan now that it is not the weekend, let's do it. Would love if @MKnight82 or @beekay414 would help me run it. Let me know

1. NYRaider

2. Sllim Pickens

3. Bullet Club

4. TexansFan

5. 11sanchez11

6. BigC

7. Indiferrence 

8. Tyronnosaurus

9. The Duke

10. Beekay

11. Mknight

12. Khanyoudigit

13. AMac

14. Deadpulse

15. Champ11

16. Finneasegage

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2 minutes ago, agarcia34 said:

Care to explain a little more on what this is? 

Everyone drafts a 12 man roster out of a pool of current NBA players. We then randomly do a tournament bracket where everyone votes round by round who's team would win and also do a 2k simulation with the 16 teams to see who's team would win.

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