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2023 NBA Draft Discussion Thread


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7 minutes ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

Hmm… I kept seeing Jett Howard to the Lakers at 17 despite being ranked like mid to late 20s on a lot of boards I saw. Wasn’t expecting him to go 11th.

Feels like bloodlines tend to go higher than projection.  Lakers have a few guys that are still available that I'm intrigued by.

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Just now, General Tso said:

if you steal Cam Whitmore, I think that's a good get, although who knows why he's dropping.

I'm not sure he's going to be the Lakers' pick.  I think they want a PG/ball handler, but I think they'll settle for a shooter.

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8 hours ago, catcheryea said:

nah he’s actually a pretty good passer and has some real wiggle with his handle he just has next to no burst or explosion

He's going to be like prime All-Star Danny Granger prior to the knee injuries - or a bigger Nets version Mikal Bridges.    I preferred Scoot for my Hornets but I have -0 problems with Miller  (other than all the murdering and s&*t)

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1 minute ago, agarcia34 said:

Whitmore still being available is surprising to me 

From USAToday article: Meanwhile, Jonathan Wasserman also shared an update about Whitmore (via Bleacher Report😞

“There have been some concerns over Cam Whitmore’s medicals, which could cause a few teams to pass in the mid-lottery, per sources.”

Additionally, here is what one Eastern Conference executive told David Aldridge (via The Athletic😞

“At the Hoops Summit, Whitmore was not a practice-type player and didn’t look very good during the week. But once he played, he was one of the better players in the game. That’s going to have to change at the NBA level. He’s going to have to exert some effort, some ability and skill level in practice for a head coach to put him in a game. He’s not going to be guaranteed minutes like he probably was at Villanova.”

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