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Through six weeks, the Ravens have already blown three 10+ point second half leads

Slingin' Sammy

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1 hour ago, BayRaider said:

Lamar been the engine of that team… imagine what he could do if he actually had NFL caliber WR’s… (Bateman has been out)

Yeah he probably would have won that game if he had wide receivers like Marcus Johnson, Darius Slayton, and David Sills to throw to. 

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15 hours ago, Yin-Yang said:

It’s because John Harbaugh‘s aggressiveness is costing the Ravens winnable games and it should be talked about more.

It seems to me the main problem is that, after a certain point in the game, no matter how well the D had played, opposing offenses just move the ball at will and convert nearly every high leverage situation. 

Meanwhile, the offense turtles up. Don't confuse Harbaugh going for it on fourth down with the fact the he becomes extremely CONSERVATIVE with the lead, and tricks people into thinking he's aggressive with his 4th down calls. 

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The Ravens during the Lamar era were 31-2 with double-digit halftime leads coming into this year. This year we're 2-3. There's so much blame to go around it's impossible to pinpoint just one thing:

  • The defense has failed to stop literally anyone in the 2nd half / 4th quarter of games, including yesterday where they let the Giants move the ball at will all game and score with WR's I can't even name. They also let MULTIPLE 3rd and 10+ conversion get easily converted.
  • According to Jeff Zrbeic, the ravens offense has had 15 full 4th quarter drives. 6 of them have ended in turnovers. Idk how many more have ended in punts, but I only see 2 that have ended in touchdowns.
  • We've also had SO MANY crucial penalties or plays where we fail to execute on offense. Yesterday was a great example. We're up late in the 4th quarter with the ball and it's 3rd and 1. If we convert, the game is basically over. Lamar keeps a QB sneak and gets it, but Kenyan Drake lines up wrong, we get illegal formation and now it's 3rd and 6. Next play Lamar throws his ridiculously stupid interception, NYG scores the next drive.

It's really just a total team effort to collapse between the defense and offense. Defense can't stop anyone, offense can't stop turning the ball over in crucial moments.

If you really want to dive into how bad this team is in the 4th Quarter, just look at these splits:

defense: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/rav/2022_opp_splits.htm

Offense: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/rav/2022_splits.htm

Our offense has 1 TD in the 4th Quarter to 4 INT's LOL. Our ANY/A falls to 3.6 in the 4th quarter when it's at 6.8 or higher the other 3.

Defensively, we've allowed 6 touchdowns in the 4th quarter compared to 5 in the other 3 combined. Completion percentage jumps to 70%(!!!!!!) and QB rating goes to 108.3. It's so ridiculous.

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