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it's the hope that kills you: the 2022 coaching c̶a̶r̶o̶u̶s̶e̶l̶ roller coaster thread


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rather than just me ranting in the auburn thread, let's get this started now so it's in full swing by the time jimbo gets fired, saban retires, and kirby is given an 80 year show cause


Here’s a big addition: Auburn Undercover has learned that Franklin has emerged as a candidate for the opening.

There’s been buzz about a possible “mystery candidate” in Auburn’s search, and while we’re not reporting that Franklin has occupied that moniker, he is a big-name sitting head coach that we believe will be vetted and seriously considered by Auburn.

Last season, Franklin leveraged interest from USC into a new, $70 million contract that runs through 2031. His buyout is currently $8 million.

real fun

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3 minutes ago, catcheryea said:

at least your punter didn't literally drop the ball in that one... right?

Right. McSorely was basically throwing punts to his WRs that they fielded cleanly for tuds and big plays routinely in the 2nd half and right before half.

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2 hours ago, candyman93 said:

James Franklin is living off an over inflated reputation.


He got lucky on a blocked field goal against OSU 1 time in his career. Then he got lucky with Michigan being down.

Undoubtedly true. But he did win 9 games at Vandy in a season twice. He's certainly an upgrade on Harsin. 

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