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TAST Dynasty League Discussion - 2021 season underway


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Hey everyone, hope everyone made it here just fine. Please check in so I know you're still here.

Link to FleaFlicker league page

What is a Dynasty League? 
- A Keeper league with some tweaks. However, rather than only keeping a few players, you keep a large portion of your roster. Rather than relying on a redraft every year, a Dynasty team's success is built upon your ability to draft incoming players, play the waiver wire, make trades (including trading draft picks), as well as find and retain developmental players who will be successful in future years. The Dynasty League is as close to running an actual Franchise as you will find within a Fantasy Football setting. 

League Rules 

  • FleaFlicker's standard scoring - basic+TDs+yardage bonuses
  • 20 player rosters + 1IR + 1TAXI

Roster size

10 starters + 10 bench (20 total)

  • 1 Starting QB (Min:1, Max: 4) 
  • 2 Starting RBs (Min:2, Max: 7) 
  • 2 Starting WRs (Min:2, Max: 7) 
  • 2 Starting Flex (RB/WR/TE)
  • 1 Starting TEs (Min:1, Max: 4) 
  • 1 Starting Defense/Special Teams (Min:1, Max: 3) 
  • 1 Starting K (Min:1, Max: 3)

Additional roster slots:

  • 1 IR (player must be on Injured Reserve)
  • 1 TAXI (first or second year player who has not started a game in this league)
    •  I cannot set the TAXI spot to actively follow this rule. Please behave within the spirit of the rule.
    • If I see a clear violation, I will probably PM you and have you fix the mistake. However, I reserve the right to cut the player from your roster entirely without warning if I find the usage to be egregious.

Keeper rules

  • Entire rosters are automatically kept from season to season. There is no need to set these on FleaFlicker unless you're using them for your own reasons.
  • From time to time, the number of keepers listed in FleaFlicker may be different numbers.
    • The number of keepers listed on FleaFlicker are never to be viewed as the rule of the league.
    • These are occasionally changed to facilitate the performing of commissioner actions or tracking draft order.

Draft Rules

  • Every year, a draft is ran in a thread on Football's Future.
  • The draft is 5 rounds and only 5 rounds.
    • Dropping players does not give you more rounds of draft picks despite what you may see on FleaFlicker.
  • Generally, the draft will not have time slots unless absolutely necessary.
    • I know people get antsy when the draft doesn't move for a day or so, but just deal with it.
  • You will need to cut players to be able to sign your draft picks if you are at roster limits
  • Players who are drafted must be placed on team roster by a deadline given each year. This will usually be the start of week 1 or potentially week 2. Please refer to my annual message on the topic.
  • After the draft concludes, any players not on a roster or not drafted may be signed at 12am eastern the following day. 

Trade rules

  • FleaFlicker facilitates the trading of draft picks, and as such they may be traded.
    • As the draft is only 5 rounds, picks traded after the 5th round are not valid.
  • Draft picks may only be traded up to two seasons in the future.
    • e.g. During the 2017 season, you may trade draft picks from the 2018 or 2019 draft.
    • Once a new draft thread is posted, the next draft becomes available. 
  • FleaFlicker allows for trades with more than 2 owners. Feel free to use this ability.
  • As a general rule, if owners agree to a trade, I will not step in to override I unless there has been a clear violation of the spirit of the game or competitive integrity is compromised.
    • Attempting the classic bait trades of like named players will be vetoed or reversed. Don't try to pass off former Washington TE Alex Smith for current Washington QB Alex Smith, or former Bear Adrian Peterson for famed Viking Adrian Peterson.
    • Trading the 2003 version of LaDainian Tomlinson for a 7th round pick in 5 years would be vetoed


  • Every year, each owner will need to show their intent to return for the following season. This will need to be performed in June annually. Each owner will be tagged and given adequate opportunity to make their intent known.
    • If an owner doesn't reply, they may be replaced.
  • I reserve the right to remove owners who have been permabanned from Football's Future, even if they complete all roster actions via FleaFlicker or email.
    • If you piss me off, I may remove you from the league as well. Probably not, but I reserve the right to do so.
  • Owners who do dumb things may be given a mulligan and opportunity to fix the mistake. Not everyone has played a Dynasty League before, and some may not read or know all the rules before they do new things.
  • If an owner forgets to sign a player they clearly intended to sign, I may make the appropriate cuts and signing for them.
    • Don't rely on me to do so. I may just let the player become a free agent so I can sign them.
  • If you'd like a rule changed, amended or feature added, bring it up.
    • Ultimately, I have the last say in any changes, but I do want the process to be largely democratic.


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4
@Sauce Castillo 


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2 hours ago, IDOG_det said:

Now if only Sabo would do something with his pick so we can keep up this streak of good activity... He read my PM yesterday about wanting to trade for his pick and he hasn't replied and hasn't made his pick since.

His wife just had a baby, so I'd expect he's a holdup for a bit with each of his picks.

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