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PLAYOFFS | NFC Championship | 🦅 Eagles vs the Niners ⛏️ (!!!!!NFC Champs!!!!!)


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1 minute ago, Eagles $5$ said:

Only the Eagles can dominate a game like this and people will make 1000 excuses for the other team

It's why I wanted no injuries on either side,  No MF excuses!!



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2 minutes ago, EagleBlueDon said:

Hell yeah boys! Let's salt this **** away now. Again not crazy about how we got to this 28-7 lead, but it's the NFCCG so I'm gonna take it however I can. If we end up winning this one, whichever defense we play won't be half the defense the 9ers is.

The Bengals defense is pretty good my dude

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Just now, EAGLES3658 said:

They have no pass rush though. Hurts should have all day against that team. 

Their pass rush is probably better than the Niners tbh. They don’t have a Bosa but it is more complete. Their LB’ and DB’s aren’t nearly as good though. 

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