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Eagles trade for RB D'Andre Swift


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6 minutes ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

Dream Team 2.0

Only this Eagles team is actually good, coming off a SB appearance? 

It's OK to hate but not every addition of decent players needs this old, tired go to joke that doesn't apply.

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I blame the SB Champion 2017 Eagles for this.

2017 Players bought into the  Under Dog Mentality to win a SB!

2021 Sirianni not only sold the Dog Mentality to his players, they bought in.

2022/23 Howie decided WTF Draft/Acquire every Bulldog possible. 

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7 minutes ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

But kind of true, up until the Jalen injury you looked unbeatable 

Yeah.... but they weren't calling us "Dream Team 2.0" cause it was a compliment to the level of talent, but rather likening us to the original Dream Team and insinuating we were gonna be disappointing based on expectations. That's at least what I had experienced talking with NFCE rivals last offseason.

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