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Carson Wentz Injury Update Thread (Out for season)


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1 minute ago, vike daddy said:

does Foles just not bring you guys any hope, or is it more that Wentz just brought you so much?

I think it's just that we're going from a legitimate MVP candidate to a back up. 

We were a very special 3rd down team on offense and that was thanks to Wentz. That's a huge thing to take away from a team. 

The Eagles have to essentially change how they play games. They'll have to slow the game down and vastly improve on 1st and 2nd down. They'll certainly have to run more on 1st and 2nd down. 

Season feels over and I wouldn't blame anyone for saying it's over even though the Eagles are still likely to get a 1st round bye. 

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3 minutes ago, vike daddy said:

well.... the Vikings are playing their backup. it can still work.

Nah, we will be a worse version of the Vikings. Our DL is really good but without Hicks our LBs are not great and our DBs are not very good. Offensively our RBs are solid but we don't have nearly as good WRs that can make plays with the backup QB in.

The season is pretty much dead. We will probably get a bye cause the rest of our games are against bad teams, but we won't do anything in the playoffs. Wentz made this team go, he was the reason this season was special. Without him we are just another team.

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