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Week 15: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals


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I think most expected the Seahawks game to be a little sloppy and ugly with us coming off a big win in the EC....And it ended up being just that. But we got yet another double digit win and now on to Arizona....

With some of the injuries we are dealing with defensively, I think this is going to be bit of a shootout until we pull away. We saw against the Seahawks while the defense was fine, it was not what it has been since the bye week. And that's going to happen when you don't have Ward, Armstead and later Hargrave. Of course we are also missing Hufanga but his replacement has been playing some fine ball. Even though Shanahan said there is a chance Ward/Hargrave play, I just don't see that happening. The game the following week is a big one against the Ravens and it's on Monday night so those two will get two weeks plus an extra day to get right. The end goal is to be as healthy as possible in the postseason so there is no need to risk it by playing them a week too early. I don't expect Armstead to play this week either. 

Offensively, I'm really not sure how Feliciano does not start this week. Like he's not a great player or anything but he's been ROCK solid since given a chance and he's far better than Burford. I hate that it has even come to this point, but I hope when we get inside the five yard line, Purdy is able to stack his TD numbers and we don't just hand it off to Mason/CMC.....Kidding of course...or am I? Lol....But our offense should do what it always does. Just be super efficient but this time have no TOs and continue to finish in the RZ. 

49ers 37

Cardinals 20

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I like that this game is right before the Ravens game. Gives the defense 2 weeks of practicing and seeing running QBs. The way we bottled up Hurts and shutdown his run lanes gives me hope we're seeing a different gameplan against running QBs. 

This game doesn't worry me nearly as much as the Commanders game in two weeks. 

Also, this is Purdy's homecoming game, so he's definitely going for 350+ and 3 TDs.

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46 minutes ago, 49ersfan said:

We’re far better than the Cards but they’re rested off their bye week, our defense is banged up and QB’s like Kyler Murray give us fits. We should still win but don’t think it’ll be a cakewalk

Should win this game but I think the offense is gonna have to score at will in order to pull away I also don't like the Niners defense playing against Kyler Murray. Last time Josh Dobbs gave the Niners defense fits as I think they have to somehow find a way to keep Murray inside the pocket and let him throw from there.

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I’m happy to see that we are playing AZ with Murray one week before Lamar, but we have done well against mobile qbs this year and keeping them in the pocket for the most part. 

I hope we are able to rest some of our starters on Defense - Ward, Hargrave and Armstead (still). I think our offense will be able to move the ball with ease and I think we will be able to do enough to win on defense. 

SF - 31

AZ - 13

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Yeah, that special teams ranking seems weird to me.  Not sure how it's scored, though.  The eye test looks to be pretty middle of the pack.  Not fantastic, but not horrible, either.  I think punts are pretty good, but after looking at some of the kickoff stats, I'm thinking maybe that's where we're getting hit hard?  Moody has the 8th most kicks, the most returns, and a touchback percentage somewhere in the bottom 5 of the league.  Return yard average is middle of the pack, I think.  Apparently, Wish had like 7 kickoffs with 3 returns for 91 yards.  So, we could definitely improve on kickoffs, but bottom 6 in DVOA?  Ouch.  

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Just realised we haven't played Kyler since October 2021. We faced Colt McCoy in November 2021 & 2022, David Blough in January 2023 (season finale) & Josh Dobbs in October 2023 

In fact we've only played him 5 times. 4 times in 2019 & 2020, 1 time in 2021 

We already faced Stafford 6 times total including playoffs with a 7th matchup in January 2024, and he was traded to the Rams in January 2021

The last time we faced Kyler we lost 17-10. That was Trey Lance's first start too lol


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On 12/12/2023 at 11:56 AM, NFL Network said:

Is the main issue on ST's kickoff coverage?

Jake Moody is below average in his make percentage, and has a bad percentage over 40 yards.

Our kickoff coverage has been below average.

McCloud is averaging an average to below average return season and he has had a fumble or two. Same with Bell.

Mitch has been great though! 

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2 hours ago, Forge said:

Not great

It's okay, I don't expect any of these guys to go on Sunday. There's an extra day the following week when we play the Ravens on MNF. Better for these four to sit out this game...Well, I think Greenlaw can go but the other three need to sit out. 

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