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The 0-16 Cleveland Browns


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Just now, BayRaider said:

This is not just a Brown vs Lion comparison thread. It's an open discussion on their season in general, their future, and if they were the worst team ever. 

this teams talent level wasnt worse than the 1999 cleveland browns.  or 2000 cleveland browns.  our head coach is abysmal.  i am so sad he is going to be returning to the cleveland browns next year.  he wont make it to game 8 of the 2018 nfl season.

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20 minutes ago, BayRaider said:

So are they the worst team of all time? Discuss. 

I think they are. The 0-16 Lions were a much better squad with more close games. 

No, with even a slightly competent quarterback, they could have won at least a few.

The defense is actually pretty decent.  The o-line has some nice pieces, a couple solid receivers, and the running backs are serviceable.  They needed a quarterback...   ...and a coach.

Jackson needs to be fired.

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