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Vixen Twins watch Wild Wolves and Loony Lynx (MN Sports Thread)


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3 minutes ago, Heimdallr said:

Chris Wright will become Minnesota United CEO, leaving Timberwolves



Longtime Timberwolves front-office executive Chris Wright will be introduced as the Minnesota United soccer team’s new CEO at a Monday news conference, according to multiple people with knowledge of the matter.

Wright has been the Wolves and Lynx president the past 13 years and has spent 26 years with the organization. He was vice president of sales and marketing before becoming president in the teams’ business operations.

Raised in England, he has remained an avid soccer fan and once served as general manager for two Major Indoor Soccer League teams — the Pittsburgh Spirit and Minnesota Strikers — in the 1980s.

Apparently, he likes franchises that lose.  :D

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1 minute ago, gopherwrestler said:

with all the Minnesota injury news, here is at least some good news...



So, does Wig have a new agent?  Or is he going without one for the foreseeable future?  He's going to have to pay the guy that negotiated this deal, regardless.  

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4 minutes ago, gopherwrestler said:

I don't see why he really needs one when he is getting the Max?

I mean, I'm sure he did sign one, but what is really the point?

I'm not sure there is a point either, but I wasn't aware of whether there is any wiggle room on any of the terms outside of money.  

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