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Vixen Twins watch Wild Wolves and Loony Lynx (MN Sports Thread)


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4 hours ago, JDBrocks said:

They’ve gotta feel good about Lewis and AK recovering, and using Miranda/Arraez at 3rd.

Ideally, when fully recovered:

1. Arraez DH
2. Buxton CF
3. Correa SS
4. Polanco 2B
5. Miranda 3B
6. Lewis LF
7. Kepler RF
8. Kirilloff 1B
9. Jeffers C

Bench: Larnach, Celestino, new backup C, Gordon


I would not be surprised to see them active in the trade market with Ober, Kepler, and Austin Martin.

That's so underwhelming.

Correa is not coming back. He opted out and will get a bigger contract elsewhere. So now it looks even worse.

I love Buxton, but he cant stay healthy for more than half a year. Love Arraez, even though he has no power. At least he gets on base and that is important, plus he usually sees deep counts to help wear down the pitchers. Miranda has some potential as does Lewis (if he can stay healthy - Buxton 2.0), but apart from those i just mentioned this team has nothing else to offer offensively/defensively.

As far as pitching, it's not much better. Gray is solid, as is Ryan. Mahle is decent, but after that it's extremely questionable. Doubt Maeda gets back to form and Winder isnt anything to write home about. Bullpen has a few pieces like Duran and Lopez, but not much after that. 

I think they need to work on a rebuild and hope for a few cornerstone pieces early in the next few drafts. Otherwise it's just going to be middle of the pack for a while and that does no good for anyone.

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Correa was FaceTiming with the guys at the uniform debut today and still talks to Buxton and Polanco weekly about next season etc. he wants to come back and I firmly believe the FO is going to make it happen. 

You always bank on Buxton being healthy, that’s why they paid him, he’s an MVP candidate going into every season.

I’m not at my computer so cutting this short, but I think that’s a terribly pessimistic outlook and the team is in a good position to win the division with that club. The white Sox aren’t spending, and the Indians aren’t very good. The Twins with C4 have two legit mvp caliber players and a batting champion with young talent gaining experience.  Gray Mahle and Ryan are a good top 3 and I expect Maeda to come back strong.

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That was a good series of trades. They replaced a third baseman with a backup SS, who is cheaper and under control for two years. They also got a better minor league player than they gave up, and he doesn't have to be on the 40 man roster. They plan to have Miranda at third. 

They have 60 million to spend to get to last year's number. They'll add players. 

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On 11/19/2022 at 3:28 PM, SemperFeist said:

Fleck’s hardwired conservative approach to football is the biggest weakness of the Gophers team. 

The first 4 games of the season finally looked like he got past that way of thinking, but he’s reverted as the Big 10 schedule has advanced. 

Glen Mason must be in his ear.  🤣

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1 hour ago, wcblack34 said:

USA drawing with Wales after dominating in the first half was disappointing. Drawing with Wales because of a dumb penalty is a kick to the groin. 

Probably would’ve lost if not for that last penalty, too. Rough to lose that one. Wales flopping strategy worked like a charm.

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