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Survivor: Six Islands

Survivor Season One - Mookie won. 

Game Mechanics:

1. Jeff is gonna make mistakes.  Try to overcome them, and have fun. 


Shady, Pickle, Touch, Malf, Mission, Orca, Ted, Flux, Hockey

Eliminated Players:
Sanchez (got an ouchie and left)


Final Two:



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Final Twelve Rules

1. No working with anybody on the remaining Immunity Challenges.
2. If you miss an Immunity Challenge deadline, you are not eligible to compete in the next Immunity Challenge.
3. If you miss a vote, you receive one penalty vote against you for THAT Tribal Council, and you lose an hour for every remaining deadline.
4. If you are afraid you might not submit a vote or submit an Immunity Challenge on time, you can bow out of an Immunity Challenge at any time.  You can also submit a big board of players to vote out.  I will only use your big board if you are the last player to vote.
5. The active challenge will always be posted and everybody will be tagged in the post.  If you lose the page number, I also post the current challenge on the first page. 

@mission27, @Shady Slim, @Nazgul, @Malfatron, @theuntouchable, @Adrenaline_Flux, @Hockey5djh, @bcb1213, @TedLavie, @The Orca, @Pickle Rick, @ET80.

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The Challenges in Bold will have a time element to them. 

Challenges in RED have been completed.
Challenges in GREEN are ACTIVE.

Challenge List:

1. First Word (Reward, Page 15-25)
Sensual Centaurs took first place with 31 points.  Pickle Tickle took second with 30 points.  Reigning Champions took third with 29 points.  Tribe Smug did not place with a score of 24. 

2. Running Blind (Immunity, Page 25)
Sensual Centaurs, Reigning Champion Island and Pickle Tickle seemed to handle this one easily.  Tribe Smug got a little too smug and failed horrifically in all aspects of the challenge and were sent off to Tribal Council, where they voted out ______?

3. What Time Is It? (Immunity Page 55)
Sensual Centaurs and Tribe Smug worked together in the competition while the rest of the tribes complained about them working together instead of... Working together.  It was down to Pickle Tickle Tribe and Reigning Champion Island, but Sira decided to not go for the idol, a move that proved costly. 

4. Just Figure It Out (Luxury/Reward Page 81)
Mathman, TyTy, Mookie and Ted won luxuries in the final movie challenge of Survivor.  Mathman picked Bonus.  TyTy picked Minus.  Mookie picked Clue.  Ted picked Tribal Unity.   

5. Locks and Keys (Immunity (Page 88)
Sensual Centaurs soared through the challenge, hardly breaking a sweat.  They were playing like an ant colony or something.  Reigning Champion's Island took second place, only just breaking a sweat.  Tribe Smug got a little cute with the challenge, and Mookie really struggled with his keychain, but they managed to float on by.  Pickle Tickle Tribe had a single good performance out of TyTy, but the rest of the tribe stunk.  Gmen couldn't even complete the challenge due to injury, and he is in danger of being replaced.  Nazgul let his nerves get the best of him as he fumbled all the way to the end of his keychain, and it was just a comedy of errors. 

6. Left, Center, Right (Reward)
Tribe Smug won the challenge!  They win a minimal bonus in the upcoming Immunity Idol. 

7. Survivor Hoops (Immunity)
Tribe Smug beat Pickle Tickle Tribe TWICE due to production mistakes.  Sensual Centaurs defeated RCI.  It came down to Pickle Tickle Tribe and RCI.  Pickle Tickle Tribe displayed the better offense and balance and came out on top.  RCI will now go to their second Tribal Council, where they will be forced to send one of their own to Redemption Island. 

8. Survivor Roulette (Reward)
Tribe Smug had the best luck with Roulette, hitting not one, but TWO numbers at 35/1 odds.  Pickle Tickle Tribe took second with a couple odd/evens. 

9. Survivor Scramble (Immunity)
In the most gruelingest challenge thus far, Tribe Smug didn't even get started.  RCI and Pickle Tickle worked hard and sweat and bled and shed tears working on the most grueling puzzle in Survivor history.  While they struggled, Sanchez climbed a tree to get a coconut to drink, fell off the tree, twisted his ankle and decided to just give up.  Sensual Centaurs didn't even offer him a helping hand, and thus lost the Immunity Challenge. 

Pair Up
Without knowing what they were doing, castaways paired up.  Who they paired with was guaranteed to be on their new tribe.  We went from four tribes to three tribes. 

10. Survivor Delicacies (Immunity)
On page 174, castaways were given a list of ten food options.  They had to select which of the foods they would RATHER eat.  Everybody has to submit.

11. From First to Last (Reward)
Funky Bunch was the first to finish the Reward Challenge and scored ten points.  BBW was the most patient, and scored 5.

12. Survivor Dice (Immunity)
In spite of their ten point bonus, Funky Bunch failed miserably in the Immunity Challenge and were swiftly eliminated.  Funky Bunch was the first to finish, but they scored only 202 points.  That included their bonus.  Hectic Tree Crew was safe with 223, but Mookie went for more to rub it in.  He was unable to rub it in anymore.  BBWs were the last to finish the challenge.  Nazgul rolled the deciding roll, got his tribe to 208, but was content with second place. 

13. Survivor Tiles (Reward)
Tree Crew took first place with ET demolishing all the tiles.  BBWs took second as they were the second eliminated. 

14. The AMAZEing Race (Immunity)
Bucsfan's struggles slowed down the Funky Bunch in this one as their word association on the maze clues was so poor they took last place.  Out of 20 + word associations, Bucs got only 2 majority answers. 

15. First Word Take Two (Reward)
Funky Bunch took first place.  BBWs took second place.  Hectic Tree Crew didn't even take third place. 

16. Buried Treasure (Immunity)
BBW's finished with stunning speed.  Funky Bunch lollygagged and showboated to victory ahead of the Hectic Tree Crew.  EliteTexan and Mookie were upset because they had a different interpretation of the clues.  Survivor apologizes for the regional differences, but North Dakota has normal language that doesn't call a rake a cleaning tool, and thus it appeared as if production made a mistake.  Judgment on whether or not it was a mistake depends on the area.  It may have been a mistake, but not from the perspective of Jeff.  Still, Hectic Tree Crew took 10 minutes to get to the clue in question while Funky Bunch and BBWs both finished the challenge in under ten moves. 

17. Paint the Tribes Red (Immunity)
Funky Bunch and the BBWs saw what they thought was an easy target in the Hectic Tree Crew, still reeling from their unexpected Immunity Challenge defeat.  Hectic Tree Crew had other plans as they decimated the competition in just thirteen rounds with a commanding lead in hits.  Had the game been a tie, they had a commanding lead in the tiebreaker.  There was no beating the Hectic Tree Crew in this challenge. 

Pair Up Part Two was a thinly veiled twist, but I think some players still fell for it.  Either way, the tribes are set and it's a 10v10 showdown. 

18. Hide and Seek (Immunity)
All the tribes hid behind walls.  Touch and Hockey started their search.  It was neck and neck, but Hockey could not find Shady, who proved to be the shadiest of them all.  Riggity Riggity won Immunity, and the Itty Bitty TyTy's had to go to Tribal Council.  After the challenge, and during the vote, Sanchez got an ouchie and left before a re-vote between BCB and Mission could go into effect. 

19. Kicking and Screaming (Immunity)
Although Riggity Riggity did better at targeting the weakest players, Itty Bitty dug deep and gritted out the Immunity Challenge win. 

20. Survivor Football (Immunity)
Riggity Riggity and Itty Bitty had the exact same strategy and the game went nowhere.  On the second attempt, Itty Bittys went with a pass rush and receivers while Riggity Riggity went with an OL and some cornerbacks.  Riggity Riggity was unable to get an interception, and thus Itty bitty TyTys marched up and down the field for the Immunity Challenge win. 

21. Swimming With Sharks (Immunity)
Sharks loved the taste of everybody on Riggity Riggity.  Didn't care so much for Itty Bitty. 

22. Platform Peril (Immunity)
Riggity Riggity got off to a commanding lead, but they used up all their stamina, which allowed Itty Bitty to get right back into it.  It came down to Ragnarok versus TyTy.  TyTy outwitted Ragnarok with a pulling strategy, and Itty Bitty won a fourth straight Immunity Challenge. 

23. Survivor Tag (Immunity)
Allowing the tribes to prepare and plan turned the challenge into a pointless excursion into futility.  The game had to end, so it was turned into a sudden death tiebreaker.  Touch had the right idea tagging Mission, but Pickle Rick interfered and tagged Ted, who tagged back and won Immunity for Itty Bitty for a fifth straight Immunity Challenge win. 

24. Boulder Dash (Immunity)
Thanks to Hockey's excellent blocking skills, Itty Bitty won a SIXTH straight Immunity Challenge. 

25. Ex Nihilo (Immunity)
After some squabbling and indecision, the tribes decided on picking a number 1-1000.  The Twins both picked the exact same number, so both tribes went to the merge.

27. Recall (Immunity)
Touch had the best memory and narrowly beat out Orca and Pickle Rick. 

28. Survivor Auction (Live Reward)
Players bid on foods and advantages. 

29. Writes of Passage (Immunity)
ET had the best ability to be close to average. 

30. Loved Ones Challenge (Reward)
Darth Pees played like he belonged on the Island and won a reward for Malf. 

31. Fragile Tile (Immunity)
It came down to Malf and Shady.  Shady had a commanding lead in the final two, but Malf came back only for Shady to seal the deal. 

32. Majority Play (Immunity)
The majority went to Just Figure It Out, where Flux won Immunity. 

33. Answers (Immunity)
I forget who won this one.  I think it was Flux or ET. 

34. Questions (Immunity)
Malf won this one. 

35. Yellow Mellow, Red Dead (Immunity)
Flux was in a prime position to win, but in a late controversial move, after a long and strenuous challenge, Orca either slipped up or gave victory to ET. 

36. Replay Relay
With a dominating performance in the Swimming With Sharks portion, the game ended quickly as nobody could top Malf's score. 

37. Go Fish
Even on a cruise, Malf managed to win this competition in which the players had to get likes on this site without campaigning for likes. 

38. Hands On
Although Touch had a lot of confidence, he messed up, which allowed Hockey to win the Final Immunity Challenge. 


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Posted (edited)

Current Challenge Instructions Posted Here:


Remember way back at the beginning of the game when I sent out that questionnaire?  Now we’re going to take a look at the answers.  Or at least you’re going to have to try to answer questions based on those answers.  

Here were the questions:

1. What is your favorite movie?
2. What is your favorite band?
3. What is your favorite song?
4. Who are you planning on voting out first?
5. Who do you think you can trust most in this game?
6. In three words or less, what is the key to victory in Survivor?
7. Would you ever go into Tribal Council with a hidden idol and not use it?
8. Who is the least trustworthy player in the game?
9. Who will be the first player eliminated from the game?
10. Other than yourself, who has the best chance at winning Survivor?
11. How many Confessionals do you think you’ll write?
12. How many Confessionals do you think will be written in total?  
13. Based on the names alone, what do you think will be your favorite Survivor Challenge?
14. On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for this game?
15. What are you thinking about?  

At the beginning of the game, everyone filled out a questionnaire.  I took answers from 17 players who did NOT make it to the jury portion.  

I took answers from @pwny, @CWood21, @SirA1, @Dwight_Schrute, @swoosh, @11sanchez11, @FinneasGage, @Utley, @Dome, @Whicker, @gopherwrestler, @MookieMonstah, @Ragnarok, @Tyty, @bcb1213, @Nazgul and @mission27.  You cannot ask any of those players about their answers.  You cannot help each other during this challenge.  You CANNOT communicate with each other about any aspect of this challenge.  

For each of the 15 questions I asked, I will have 3 questions for you to answer.  Some questions will have more than one possible point.  Here’s where the challenge gets interesting…

You have to give your points to somebody else in the game.  You do not want points.  The three players who receive the least amount of points from others will move on to the final three.  The final three will be determined by who got the most answers correct.  Since you do not know how many points you will receive, you have to provide a percentage of your CORRECT answers to the other players.  

This might be poorly worded, so here is an example:

Fred - 40 correct (gives 1/4 of his points to Frank, Bill, Bob and Greg)
Frank - 40 correct (gives a fourth of his points to Bill, Bob, Greg, George)
Bill - 30 correct (gives a third of his points to Bob, Greg, George)
Bob - 20 correct (gives half of his points to Greg, George)
Greg - 20 correct (gives half of his points to George, Ted)
George - 10 correct (gives all his points to George)
Ted  - 10 correct   (gives all his points to George)

That would mean that at the end of the first round, the points would be as follows:

Fred - 0 points
Frank - 10 points
Ted - 10 points
Bill - 20
Bob - 30
Greg - 40
George - 50

This would mean that George, Greg, Bob and Bill were eliminated.  

Fred, Frank and Ted would move into the final three.  

In the final round, it goes back to whoever got the most answers correct.  Fred and Frank tied for the most.  If there is a tie in the final three, the player who was given the least amount of points would win.  If there is a tie in the final three, the player who submitted fastest would win Immunity.  

To summarize:
1. Answer the 45 questions I ask.  Try to get as many correct as you can.  
2. Distribute your points to players you want OUT of the challenge.  

Here are the questions you have to answer to receive points:

1. Two of the following movies received two votes of favorite movie. Which two?  (Two potential points)
Field of dreams.  Good Will Hunting.  Shawshank Redemption.  LOTR: Return of the King.  Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?  3:10 to Yuma.  Interstellar.  Saving Private Ryan.  Three Billboards.  Garbage Pail Kids Movie.  Seven Samurai.  Usual Suspects.  Lord of the G Strings.  In Bruges.  Tombstone.  
2. Whose favorite movie is in my top five favorite movies all-time, and what is the movie?  (Two possible points).  
3. Who said Garbage Pail Kids was their favorite movie?
4. What was the only band listed by two players as their favorite?  It was either Queen, The Beatles, Nirvana, Tenacious D or U2.  
5. Whose favorite band is Kevin Federline?
6. Whose favorite band is Demi Lovato?
7. Whose favorite song is Tonight Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins?
8. Who has a favorite song by the Jonas Brothers?
9. Over or under 4 players who had a favorite song by their favorite band?
10. Over/Under 4 people saying they were planning on voting pwn out first?
11. How many had multiple people saying they were going to vote them out first?  Remember, 17 castaway’s answers were used for this challenge.  
12. Between Gmen and Nazgul, which one had more people say they were voting them out first?  
13. Which received the most answers for who can be trusted the most, “Nobody,” or “Myself?”
14. Who was voted the most trustworthy player in the game?  
15. Which two pairs were trustworthy buddies(Both said the other was the most trustworthy)?  (Two possible points)
16. For “Three words or less to win,” who referenced a Michael Jackson song title?  
17. For three words or less to victory, who said, “Veni, Vidi, Vici”
18. Over or under three people saying three words or less to victory is, “Outwit, Outlast, Outplay?”
19. Who didn’t know what it meant to go to Tribal Council with a Hidden Immunity Idol? (You get one guess, but there are multiple players who didn’t know).  
20. How many players said Maybe to going to Tribal with an idol and not using it?
21. Was YES or NO more common for going to Tribal and not using an Idol?  
22. Two players said the least trustworthy were players who didn’t end up playing in the game.  Who were the two untrustworthy players who didn’t even play?  
23. Two players said THEY were the least trustworthy?  (Guess two people, one point per correct answer)
24. Two players tied for most votes as least trustworthy.  Who were the two least trustworthy according to the majority?  (Guess two people, one point per correct answer)
25. Over or under 2 votes saying Jfin would be the first voted out?
26. Over or under 4 people saying they’d be the first voted out?
27. Name one player who said they’d be the first voted out.  
28. Did anybody think TyTy had the best shot at winning Survivor?
29. How many votes did the player with the most votes for winning receive?
30. Who said everyone has a better shot at winning other than themselves?
31. One player said they’d write one confessional a week.  Other than that answer, what is the total number of confessionals the 17 players thought they’d write themselves?  Answer within 22 and you’ll get a point.  
32. Who guessed they would write 50 plus confessionals?  
33. How many people predicted 0 self-confessionals?  
34. Who predicted 69 total confessionals from everyone?
35. How many players thought there would be less than 20 total confessionals in the game?
36. Over or under 800 total confessionals expected?  
37. Who asked where to find the Challenge List for the 13th question?
38. How many players didn’t understand the 13th question?  
39. What was the most anticipated challenge?
40. Was the average excitement above or below a 6.0 for the game?
41. Over or under 1 player saying “10/10 excited for the game?”
42. Over or under 2 for “1/10 excited?”
43. How many answers to “What are you thinking about?” were inappropriate?
44. Whose answer to, “What are you thinking about,” was Back to Backs?
45. Over or under two answers to “What are you thinking about?” involving work?



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Just now, pollino14 said:

Sorry, never have played a game like this before.

I never played a game like Big Brother last year and I made it to the final three.  If you're not up for it that's fine, but if I struggle to get to 28 players, I'm gonna start pestering you to sign up since you posted in the thread.

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Special forewarning.  I'm gonna be pretty MIA the week of the fourth 

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Just now, bcb1213 said:

Special forewarning.  I'm gonna be pretty MIA the week of the fourth 

Noted, and thanks for the heads up. 

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Y’all ready for some sinewy leathered women? Best part of Survivor IYAM

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