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Bills re-sign Matt Barkley


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I don't care who a team picks up this late in the year when the FA pool is dry, no matter how awful they are. If this were week 2 or 3....yeah signing a Barkley and Peterman would be a WTF moment. But it's a signing in week 16 by two teams who are out of the playoff hunt and only have 2 weeks left of the seasons.   

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8 minutes ago, mission27 said:

Seriously amazing this guy never gets a chance smh

why get good tape on the GOAT at this point until theress a good enough team around him to do a superbowl run.

my guess is that they are biding their time until Brady is retired and then they strike.

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12 hours ago, theJ said:


Not, but really...why?  He's the kind of guy you can sign year by year if you're feeling his particular brand of crappy QB play.

He gives us a nice vet presence behind Allen. And it played absolutely amazing in the one game he played for us this year. Nothing wrong with securing a backup QB for next year. Allen was gonna be the only QB on the roster next year.

Gonna be interesting to see if we get another vet or draft a mid to late round QB to be that 3rd QB.

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