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Your team’s all-time roster?

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QB1: Patrick Mahomes - I'm an optimist, fight me, and I'm projecting here (really, we could just bump Pat down to 3 for now, but just let me have this.)

QB2: Len Dawson - And oldie, but a goodie. The longtime greatest Chief QB, and the only proper Chief QB in the hall of fame (Montana and Moon don't really count.) One of the greatest in AFL history, and one of the greatest of a long past era.

QB3: Trent Green - Never quite elite, but a very good QB in a time where we had one of the greatest offense's in NFL history. Never the best piece of that offense, but he was definitely a key component.


HB1: Jamaal Charles - There's a huge logjam at this spot, and different fans of different eras or who prefer different types of backs could legitimately suggest like 4 or 5 different RBs here. But Charles IMO was the greatest at his peak, and the only thing stopping him from being a clear cut hall of famer was some health issues. The dude's YPA was just insane, from start to finish in his career. Leads the team in career rushing yards, as well.

HB2: Priest Holmes - Not the most talented back in Chiefs history, as I honestly think Charles, LJ, and Okoye all posed more physically dominating threads, but one of the most polished, and a perfect fit for the early 2000s Chiefs. Fantastic vision, great hands, just a very intelligent, reliable, and consistent player.

HB3: Christian Okoye - Close between him, LJ, and Abner Haynes here. And similar to LJ in that he had a short lived stretch of just overpowering dominance. Ultimately went with Okoye because he's just more fun.


FB: Tony Richardson - Anthony Sherman is a good HM here, but Richardson is one of the best traditional blocking FBs of all-time, IMO. The right kind of player in the absolute right era.


WR1: Otis Taylor - Has pretty much always been the best WR in Chiefs history by default. Hill has the potential to threaten this soon, but not quite yet. A core part of those great 60s Chiefs teams, this spot is still his for a little while longer.

WR2: Tyreek Hill - Might be number 1 soon, if he gets back on the field.

WR3: Carlos Carson - Honestly, 3 through like 8 could be in any order you want. Huge drop off there. Carson gets a bit forgotten because the team was garbage his entire career, but he put together a couple of pro-bowl seasons, which is more than really any other KC WR managed.

WR4: Eddie Kennison - Another side piece to those early 2000s offenses. Like Green, more of a good player surrounded by greats, than a great player in his own right, but a key piece nonetheless.

WR5: Stephone Paige - Yeah.

WR6: Dwayne Bowe - He caught a lot of TDs that one year. He played a lot of mediocre WR for several other years.


TE1: Tony Gonzalez - GOAT. Don't @ me.

TE2: Travis Kelce - Steadily climbing the Chiefs all-time receiving list, and a great TE 5 years running. Would probably be the best TE for a number of teams, if not for the guy at #1 here.

TE3: Fred Arbanas - Really strong end zone target for those old 60s teams.


LT1: Willie Roaf - Willie Roaf pulling and lead blocking for Priest Holmes was one of the greatest sights ever for me as a Chiefs fan. Just great football, even if we only had him for 4 or 5 years. This OL list is going to be a lot of early 2000s and a lot of late 60s.

LT2: Jim Tyrer - Maybe belongs over Roaf due to his whole career, basically, being with KC, but I don't think his peak was as high.

HM: John Alt


LG1: Brian Waters 

LG2: Ed Budde 

HM: Dave Szott


C1: Tim Grunhard

C2: Casey Wiegman

HM: Jack Rudnay


RG1: Will Shields

RG2: Mo Moorman? Dave Lutz? Not sure here. Maybe LDT if he can start to stay healthy.


RT1: Mitchell Schwartz

RT2: Dave Hill



LE1: Neil Smith

LE2: Art Still


UT1: Buck Buchanan

UT2: Chris Jones


NT1: Dan Saleamua

NT2: Bill Maas

HM: Curley Culp


RE1: Jerry Mays

RE2: Jared Allen


LOLB1: Bobby Bell

LOLB2: Justin Houston


MLB1: Willie Lanier

MLB2: Derrick Johnson


ROLB1: Derrick Thomas

ROLB2: Tamba Hali

HM: Jim Lynch


CB1: Emmitt Thomas

CB2: Albert Lewis

CB3: Kevin Ross

CB4: Dale Carter

CB5: Brandon Flowers


FS1: Johnny Robinson

FS2: Deron Cherry


SS1: Eric Berry

SS2: Lloyd Burruss


K: Jan Stenerud

P: Dustin Colquitt


Gave up on writing blurbs halfway through because I wanted to get the list finished tonight. So I probably missed a couple people too. But eh. I'll probably come back and review/add sometime tomorrow night.

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6 hours ago, vike daddy said:

excuse me? Antoine Winfield doesn't make our Top 5?

Oops, I did this while falling asleep and without researching first. I think Winfield belongs in front of Nate Wright. I should have also included Chris Doleman, Kevin Williams, Kirk Lowdermilk, Gary Larson, Grady Alderman, Kleinsauser, Ricky Young, Jake Reed, Percy (or Cordarrelle) returning kickoffs, Sherels returning punts, etc....

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7 hours ago, Thomas5737 said:

I am a Buckeye fan and he [Aintoine Winfield] is one of my favorite players ever

I called him the Angry Chihuahua, for the way he would take down guys by their ankles.

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Cincinnati Bengals

QB1: Ken Anderson, era adjusted, pretty clearly the best in franchise history.  Honestly should be in the HoF

QB2: Boomer Esiason, almost took down the mighty 49ers but Joe Montana/Jerry Rice

QB3Carson Palmer, man what could have been, he looked so good in 2005 before his knee got shredded


HB1: Corey Dillon, he was on a lot of bad teams, but man was he a dynamic runner.  Has 3 of the top 14 individual rushing games in NFL history

HB2: James Brooks, was ahead of his time as a running/receiving RB

HB3: Rudi Johnson, a punishing down hill runner


FB: Pete Johnson, a dying position today, but he was a good thumper back in the day.


WR1: AJ Green, talent speaks for itself, imagine if he had an elite QB to play with

WR2: Chad Johnson, Led the AFC in yards 4 consecutive seasons

WR3: Isaac Curtis, put up better numbers than the Steelers HoF WR's, just wasn't on a Super Bowl team like them

WR4: Carl Pickens, a great WR on very bad teams with very poor QB's.  Great downfield receiver

WR5: Eddie Brown, down town Eddie Brown!

WR6: TJ Houshmanzadeh, Ideal slot WR that did nothing but produce.  Was a great run blocking WR as well.

Honorable Mention: Chris Collinsworth, wouldn't put him in the top 6 but one of the toughest SOB's to suit up at WR


TE1: Bob Trumpey, one of the better receivers of his time and a hellacious blocker

TE2: Rodney Holman, good all around tight end for a long time on several great teams

TE3: Dan Ross, another old school TE that was a hellacious blocker and could make the tough catches


LT1: Anthony Munoz, arguably the best offensive lineman in NFL history

LT2: Andrew Whitworth, i'm still mad about how they did him dirty just because the drafted Cedric "I Suck" Ogbuighe


LG1: Max Montoya, Another stalwart from the 80's teams

LG2: Eric Steinbach, willing to spend a 1st rd pick on him but not willing to resign him to big money.  Bengals logic.  Oline woes began when they let Steinbach walk and then Whitworth.


C1: Bob Johnson, Anchored the line for the first 11 years of the franchise

C2: Rich Braham, played well on a lot of bad teams until having some team success at the end of his career


RG1: Bruce Reimurs, can't stress how good the Bengals oline was in the 80's

RG2: Bobby Williams, one of the Bengals best trades was a great starter and road grater for several years


RT1: Willie Anderson, was the best RT in the NFL for a decade but didn't get the accolades because the Bengals sucked, should be in HoF

RT2: Brian Blados, another one from the 90's teams, was never top tier but was above average for a long time



LE1: Carlos Dunlap, great all around DE that can play the strong side run and still get pressure on the QB, and has a real knack for batting down passes

LE2: Robert Geathers, Only a couple flashy seasons but was a consistent player for a long time


UT1: Geno Atkins, just unbelievably consistent for a long stretch of time.  Came back from a big injury and was still a force.

UT2: Tim Krumrie, was the Geno Atkins of his day


NT1Domata Peko, just a solid run plugger and leader, Bengals history is pretty thin at the nose, Krumrie and Geno would both start on this hypothetical team

NT2: Mike Reid, a throwback tough guy


RE1: Eddie Edwards, Dynamic all around player that didn't put up huge stats but was a mainstay of a lot of good defenses.

RE2: Justin Smith, wasn't the best scheme fit in the Cincinnati defenses he was a part of, but still produced and was rock solid.


LOLB1: Reggie Williams, stud OLB who could rush the passer very well for his era and set the edge on run defense

LOLB2: Brian Simmons, just a solid all around player


MLB1: Al Beauchamp, stalwart of the early days of the franchise

MLB2: Takeo Spikes, part of the turnaround, was a fiery leader they needed back them


ROLB1: James Francis, one of the better pass rushers of his era

ROLB2: Vontaze Burfict, so talented, so stupid


CB1: Ken Riley, 65 INT's, another guy that should be in the HoF

CB2: Lemar Parish, one of the better DB's of his era.

CB3Jonathan Joseph, still mad they let the Texans sign him away, was good for the Texans, was great in his time in Cincinnati

CB4William Jackson, maybe a bit premature, but I think he has all pro potential

CB5: Deltha Oneal, was part of the Bengals revival under Marvin Lewis and had some huge games.


FS1: Tommy Casanova, Dynamic playmaker from the S spot and could hit

FS2: Reggie Nelson, leader of the Mike Zimmer Bengal defenses.


SS1: David Fulcher, enforcer on the great teams in the late 80's/early 90's

SS2: Louis Breeden, Before my time, but was good in his era.


K: Jim Breech, the Bengals history at K is spotty at best

P: Kevin Huber, still going, has been very good for a decade now

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QB1: Aaron Rodgers

QB2: Brett Favre

QB3: Bart Starr

 -3 Hall of Famers, 7 Championships, 6 MVP’s, 6 First-Team All Pro’s. No Brainers


HB1: Ahman Green

HB2: Paul Hornung

HB3: Ryan Grant

137 Rushing TD’s, 17,000 Rushing Yards, 5 Championships.


FB: Jim Taylor

-Hall of Famer. Not a Fullback in the current iteration, but still the position he played. 83 Rushing TD’s, 10 Receiving TD’s, 10,000 Total Yards, 1 MVP.


WR1: Don Hutson

WR2: James Lofton

WR3: Sterling Sharpe

WR4: Jordy Nelson

WR5: Donald Driver

WR6: Antonio Freeman

-This was kind of tough to whittle down. The Packers have been spoiled with very good WR’s over the years. I think this is a nice blend of talent and production. 433 TD’s, 26 Pro Bowls.


TE1: Jermichael Finley

TE2: Mark Chmura

TE3: Bubba Franks

 -Went with more recent players here. I’m sure there were pretty good TE’s on the team back in the day, but receiving wise Finley was the best of them. Bubba Franks was a decent TD threat even though he ran like Frankenstein. Chewie was a nice security blanket for Favre in the 90’s. 69 Total TD’s between them. (nice)


LT1: Forrest Gregg

LT2: David Bakhtiari

-Not gonna pretend I know squat about Forrest Gregg other than he played for Lombardi and is a Hall of Famer. Threw Bakh in there because I love the guy and he can actually chug a damn beer unlike the QB he’s paid to protect. Has a great head of lettuce and wears the sexiest number you could possibly pick in the NFL.


LG1: Jerry Kramer

LG2: Josh Sitton

-We finally got Jerry in the Hall of Fame last summer, which was long overdue. Once hailed as the Pride of Sandpoint Idaho, Jerry won 5 NFL Championships playing Guard and moonlighted as a place kicker. Josh Sitton was a key cog in the Packers last Super Bowl run and he joins Dave Bakhtiari in the Beautiful Lineman Hair club.


C1: Frank Winters

C2: Larry McCarren

-Frankie Winters had the best nickname I had ever heard when I was growing up. Frankie Baggadonuts played forever, but got to protect #4 for 10 years. Brett mentioned him is his Hall of Fame speech. I never watched Larry McCarren play, but I did get his autograph once at Training Camp. He’s also the Packers color commentator on the radio and gets goosebump inducingly excited when AR12 does AR12 things.


RG1: Mark Tauscher

RG2:TJ Lang

-Tausch was a walk on for the Wisconsin Badgers and never looked back. Played forever and was incredibly reliable. Also looks like Jack Black if Jack Black wasn’t a shrimp. TJ Lang once fought the entire Dallas Cowboys Defense in a playoff game at Lambeau field. Also, Dez dropped it.


RT1: Chad Clifton

RT2: Ken Ruettgers

 -Chad Clifton was about as reliable and steady as they come on the OL during the 2000’s. Probably most known for Warren Sapp absolutely blindsiding him and suffering a season ending pelvic injury. It might have been a blessing in disguise though, because it got Mike Sherman to wake up from one of his patented naps. Ruettgers was a 6’ 5” 280 lb monster who started 140 games and won a Super Bowl in his final professional year.  


LE1: Reggie White

LE2: Willie Davis

-Two Hall of Famers that helped their teams win Super Bowls. 18 Pro Bowls between them back when they meant something. Not much else to say. These are no brainers as well.


UT1: Henry Jordan

UT2: Gilbert Brown

-Jordan was a part of the Lombardi Packers that won 5 NFL Champions. Only 6’ 2” , 240 so his SPARQ numbers must have been eye popping. Gilbert Brown was an enormous man that stuffed the run. Known for his Gravedigger celebration. Got Burger King to offer a “Gilbertburger” for a short period of time in 1996. (Double Whopper with extra everything)


NT1: BJ Raji

NT2: Kenny Clark

-BJ Raji was great while he was playing. He got his money and decided to take a sabbatical which I don’t blame him for. Dom Capers was the Defensive Coordinator for chrissakes. Played a huuuge part in the playoffs leading up to Super Bowl XLV by jumping in front of a Jay Cutler pass in the NFC Championship and housing it. Kenny Clark is one of the brighter spots on the Packers Defense lately. He’s incredibly young, so this might be jumping the gun a bit, but his talent is undeniable.


RE1: Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila

RE2: Aaron Kampman

 -These two made a formidable tandem from 2002-2008. 132.5 sacks between the two of them. KGB and AK74 were two of the better 5th Round Picks Green Bay had.


LOLB1: Clay Matthews

LOLB2: Tim Harris

-164.5 Sacks between these two. Clay was relentless for his first 6 seasons in Green Bay and then was asked to move inside to help compensate for the lack of talent at MLB. Tim Harris had 19.5 sacks in one season in 1989. Apparently has had 32 surgeries and is on disability, but said he would do it all again in a heartbeat. (Hear that you snowflake millennials?)


MLB1: Ray Nitschke

MLB2: Bill Forrester

-Both Hall of Famers. Never got to watch them, but my grandparents spoke highly of them. Part of Lombardi’s Championship teams. I guess AJ Hawk is a distant third on this list.


ROLB1: Dave Robinson

ROLB2: John Anderson

-Robinson is a Hall of Famer that played for Lombardi. John Anderson holds the record with Nitschke for most Interceptions by a Packers linebacker. By the end of his career he had amassed over 1,000 tackles for Green Bay.


CB1: Herb Adderley

CB2: Charles Woodson

CB3: Bob Jeter

CB4: Willie Buchanon

CB5: Al Harris

-161 Interceptions between these 5. Adderley and Woodson are Hall of Famers. 7 World Championships. Al Harris had an iconic pick-6 against Seattle in the playoffs. Woodson helped solidify a Packers defense in his 6 year career with Green Bay and is arguably one of the most decorated football players of all time.


FS1: Willie Wood

FS2: Nick Collins

-Can’t say I watched a ton of Willie Wood, but he’s got a great name. Him and Nick Collins combine for 69 Interceptions (nice) and 3 Super Bowls. Nick was on a path to super stardom, but a neck injury cut his career short. Had a pick 6 in Super Bowl XLV helping to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers.


SS1: Leroy Butler

SS2: Johnnie Gray

 -Leroy Butler not only invented the Lambeau leap, but was also a stud at Safety in the 90’s. Part of the NFL’s all decade team in the 1990’s, he’s a 4x All Pro that has a chance to sneak into the Hall of Fame.


K: Ryan Longwell

P: Jon Ryan

-Jon Ryan is jacked. That’s why.

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QB1: Sammy Baugh

QB2: Sonny Jurgensen

QB3: Joe Theismann 


HB1: John Riggins

HB2: Clinton Portis

HB3: Bobby Mitchell



FB: Brian Mitchell


WR1: Art Monk 

WR2: Gary Clark

WR3: Santana Moss

WR4: Charley Taylor

WR5: Ricky Sanders

WR6: Pierre Garcon


TE1: Chris Cooley

TE2: Jerry Smith

TE3: Jordan Reed


LT1: Chris Samuels

LT2: Trent Williams


LG1: Mark Schlereth

LG2: Raleigh McKenzie


C1: Jeff Bostic

C2: Len Hauss


RG1: Russ Grimm

RG2: Brandon Scherff


RT1: Joe Jacoby

RT2: Jon Jansen



LE1: Charles Mann

LE2: Bill Brundige


UT1: Dave Butz

UT2: Da'Ron Payne (running out of options and can't put Haynesworth lol)


NT1: Diron Talbert

NT2: Cornelius Griffin


RE1: Dexter Manley

RE2: Brian Orakpo


LOLB1: Ryan Kerrigan

LOLB2: Monte Coleman


MLB1: London Fletcher

MLB2: Sam Huff


ROLB1: Chris Hanburger

ROLB2: LaVar Arrington


CB1: Darrell Green

CB2: Champ Bailey

CB3: DeAngelo Hall

CB4: Mike Bass

CB5: Josh Norman


FS1: Sean Taylor

FS2: Sam Shade


SS1: Ken Houston

SS2: Mark Murphey


K: Mark Moseley

P: Sammy Baugh


This was tough. And I guarantee I missed some people

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On 6/30/2019 at 4:35 PM, Duluther said:

QB1: Ben Roethlisberger


QB2:Terry Bradshaw


QB3:Neil O'Donnell

The first two are kind of a no brainer, but QB3 took some thinking. Ultimately I had to go with O'donnell over guys like Kordell Stewart, Bobby Layne, Tommy Maddox.


HB1:Jerome Bettis

HB2:Franco Harris

HB3:Le'Veon Bell

Jerome in his prime was a crazy combination of footwork and strength. For his size, he was one of the most agile runners I've ever seen. Most people now remember him for his last few years as a power only type back, but it wasn't always that way. Franco edges out Le'Veon due to length of time on the Steelers.


FB:Rocky Bleier

Gritty runner and tough blocker. Dan Kreider would be my second choice here most likely.


WR1:Hines Ward

WR2:Antonio Brown

WR3:John Stallworth

WR4:Lynn Swann

WR5:Louis Lipps

WR6:Plaxico Burress

Hines spent much of his career and all of his prime with underwhelming QBs, but still put up great numbers on run first teams. He also adds another great blocker on the field at all times. Antonio was the most dominant receiver I've ever seen and would likely serve as a 1b to Ward's 1a (both would likely be on the field at all times). Swann and Stallworth are both HoFers that add big play ability to the team. Lipps and Burress round out the receivers.


TE1:Heath Miller

TE2:Eric Green

TE3: Bennie Cunningham

It would be tough to argue against Miller as the top guy. The TEs behind him are tightly bunched with Bruener just missing out.


LT1:Jon Kolb

LT2:Marvel Smith


LG1:Alan Faneca

LG2:Jon Nisby


C1:Mike Webster

C2:Dermontti Dawson


RG1:David Decastro

RG2:Craig Wofley


RT1:Tunch Ilkin

RT2:Larry Brown

Had to leave out Pouncey due to a crowded/great OC group. Dawson likely starts on pretty much any other team's all-time team. Normally I would consider moving Dawson out to OG, but Decastro  is great enough in his own right to keep Dawson as a backup. Kolb and Ilkin are pretty widely considered the top tackles. The rest of the OL was pretty tough to choose


LE1: LC Greenwood

LE2:Aaron Smith


UT1:Joe Greene

UT2:Ernie Stautner


NT1:Casey Hampton

NT2:Ernie Holmes


RE1:Dwight White

RE2:Brett Keisel

This can be tough due to multiple fronts for the defense over great stretches. Hampton is a no brainer at NT, as are Greene and Stautner. Greene next to Hampton would be a scary interior. At DE, I went with the pass rusher strength as the starters with Keisel/Smith being the run stuffer type DE. There is likely a heavy rotation. Heyward just missed out to Keisel.


LOLB1: Jack Ham

LOLB2:Joey Porter


MLB1:Jack Lambert

MLB2:James Farrior


ROLB1:James Harrison

ROLB2:Kevin Greene

Again, the 4-3 vs 3-4 makes it tough here, but I opted to go with 4-3 with a rush ROLB. Harrison had the best peak and was a very good coverage/run defender to go along with his extreme danger as a pass rusher. Ham and Lambert are two of the best LBers ever, not just on the Steelers and would be starters on most teams. Farrior was great in his own right, if not under-rated, and was a DPOTY candidate in 2004. Porter was a great all around OLB out of the 3-4 and could likely play in either front, while Greene was the next best pass rusher. Many top LBers just missed out including Andy Russell, Lamarr Woodley, Levon Kirkland, Greg Lloyd, etc. This is a very crowded portion of the team history.


CB1:Rod Woodson

CB2:Mel Blount

CB3:Ike Taylor

CB4:Jack Butler

CB5: Willie Williams

Woodson is probably my top all around CB all-time. He made big plays, shut down WRs and laid some big hits while he was at it. Blount is likely my favorite player due to his intimidating play. He was big for the position at the time and would still be larger than most CBs in the league today at 6-3 220lbs, but still had speed, reportedly running 4.3 -4.4s in the 40. His press coverage was among the best. Ike Taylor seemingly didn't have hands at all and benefited from a great pass rush, but he still was a top corner.


FS1:Donnie Shell

FS2:Carnell Lake


SS1:Troy Polamalu

SS2:Mike Wagner

Shell and Lake was a close call. Lake could be used in many ways and was even voted into the pro-bowl at CB while filling in for Woodson in '95 due to injury. Polamalu is the big play guy coming from everywhere on the field. He was at his best around the line of scrimmage, but was a solid man-cover safety


K:Gary Anderson

P:Josh Miller

Filled in above. I think that should cover everyone.

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QB1: Russell Wilson

QB2: Matt Hasselbeck

QB3: Dave Krieg


HB1: Marshawn Lynch

HB2: Shaun Alexander

HB3: Curt Warner (really wanted to put Chris Warren)


FB1: Mac Strong

FB2: John L Williams


WR1: Steve Largent

WR2: Darrell Jackson

WR3: Doug Baldwin

WR4: Brian Blades

WR5: Joey Galloway

WR6: Bobby Engram


TE1: Itula Mili

TE2: Christian Fauria

TE3: Zack Miller


LT1: Walter Jones

LT2: Russell Okung


LG1: Steve Hutchinson

LG2: Edwin Bailey


C1: Robbie Tobeck

C2: Max Unger


RG1: Chris Gray

RG2: Brain Millard


RT1: Steve August

RT2: Ron Essink



LE1: Jacob Green

LE2: Michael Sinclair


UT1Cortez Kennedy

UT2: Brandon Mebane


NT1: Joe Nash

NT2: Sam Adams


RE1: Jeff Bryant

RE2: Michael Bennett


LOLB1: KJ Wright

LOLB2: Cad Brown


MLB1: Bobby Wagner

MLB2: Lofa Tatupu


ROLB1: Keith Butler

ROLB2: Rufus Porter


CB1: Richard Sherman

CB2: Dave Brown

CB3Marcus Trufant

CB4: Shawn Springs 

CB5: Patrick Hunter


FS1: Earl Thomas

FS2: Eugene Robinson


SS1: Kenny Easly

SS2Kam Chancellor


K: Stephen Haushka

P: Jon Ryan

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On 1.7.2019 at 1:36 AM, Elky said:

I'll gradually fill this out, but here's a starter:

QB1: Tom Brady

QB2: Drew Bledsoe

QB3: Steve Grogan


HB1: Curtis Martin

HB2: Kevin Faulk



FB: Jim Nance


WR1: Randy Moss

WR2: Wes Welker

WR3: Julian Edelman

WR4: Stanley Morgan

WR5: Troy Brown

WR6: Terry Glenn


TE1: Rob Gronkowski

TE2: Ben Coates

TE3: Ben Watson


LT1: Matt Light

LT2: Sebastian Vollmer


LG1: John Hannah






RG1: Logan Mankins

RG2: Stephen Neal


RT1: Bruce Armstrong




LE1: Richard Seymour

LE2: Ty Warren


UT1: Ray Hamilton



NT1: Vince Wilfork






LOLB1: Andre Tippett

LOLB2: Rob Ninkovich


MLB1: Tedy Bruschi

MLB2: Jerod Mayo


ROLB1: Willie McGinest

ROLB2: Mike Vrabel


CB1: Mike Haynes

CB2: Ty Law

CB3: Asante Samuel

CB4: Raymond Clayborn

CB5: Stephon Gilmore


FS1: Devin McCourty



SS1: Rodney Harrison

SS2: Lawyer Milloy


K: Adam Vinatieri

P: Ryan Allen

Fryar needs to be in there at WR, Aaron hernandez at TE, Gilmore more like CB3.


Other than that, Corey Dillon/James White, Dan Koppen and Flowers probably deserves a spot based on his 3 years here.

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2 hours ago, SBLIII said:

Fryar needs to be in there at WR, Aaron hernandez at TE, Gilmore more like CB3.


Other than that, Corey Dillon/James White, Dan Koppen and Flowers probably deserves a spot based on his 3 years here.

Watson is in over Hernandez due to longevity and better overall person rofl.

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QB1: Jameis Winston

QB2: Brad Johnson

QB3: Doug Williams


HB1: Warrick Dunn

HB2: James Wilder

HB3: Doug Martin


FB: Mike Alstott


WR1: Mike Evans

WR2: Mark Carrier

WR3: Kevin House

WR4: Vincent Jackson

WR5: Joey Galloway

WR6: Keyshawn Johnson


TE1: Jimmie Giles

TE2: Kellen Winslow II

TE3: Cameron Brate


LT1: Paul Gruber

LT2: Donald Penn


LG1: Ali Marpet

LG2: Logan Mankins


C1: Tony Mayberry

C2: Jeff Christy


RG1: Davin Joseph

RG2: Ian Beckles


RT1: Demar Dotson

RT2: Jeremy Trueblood


LE1: Chidi Ahanotu

LE2: Greg Spires


UT1: Warren Sapp

UT2: Gerald McCoy


NT1: Brad Culpepper

NT2: Booger McFarland


RE1: Lee Roy Selmon

RE2: Simeon Rice


SLB1: Cecil Johnson

SLB2: Richard Wood


MLB1: Hardy Nickerson

MLB2: Shelton Quarles


WLB1: Derrick Brooks

WLB2: Lavonte David


CB1: Ronde Barber

CB2: Donnie Abraham

CB3: Brian Kelly

CB4: Aqib Talib

CB5: Mike Washington


FS1: Cedric Brown

FS2: Tanard Jackson 


SS1: John Lynch

SS2: Jermaine Phillips


K: Matt Bryant

P: Josh Bidwell

KR: Clifton Smith

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Carolina Panthers

QB1- Cam Newton

QB2- Jake Delhomme

The Panthers have had a history of great talents at RB so this is tough


RB 1- Deangelo Williams

RB-2 Christian McCaffrey

RB-3 Jonathan Stewart


FB- Brad Hoover


TE 1- Greg Olsen

TE 2- Wesley Walls


WR1- Steve Smith

WR2- Mushin Muhammad

WR3- Ted Ginn Jr

WR4- Kelvin Benjamin


LT- Jordan Gross

LG- Travelle Wharton

C- Ryan Kalil

RG- Trai Turner

RT- Jeff Otah



CB1- Chris Gamble

CB2- Josh Norman

CB3- James Bradberry

CB4- Ricky Manning JR


SS- Mike Minter

FS- Deon Grant


WLB1- Will Witherspoon


MLB 1- Luke Keuchly

MLB 2- Dan Morgan

MLB 3- Jon Beason


OLB1- Thomas Davis

3-4 OLB/DE 4-3 - Kevin Greene

RE1- Julius Peppers  RE2 - Greg Hardy

DT1- Kawaan Short DT2- Dontari Poe

NT1- Kris Jenkins  NT2- Star Lotulolei

LE1- Charles Johnson  LE2- Mike Rucker


K- John Kasay

P- Todd Sauerbrun


KR 1- Michael Bates

PR1- Steve Smith


That was fun. What a stacked team that would be

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