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Redskins vs Browns Gameday Thread - Preseason Week 1 (8/8/19)


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1 hour ago, Dutch Redskins fan said:

Football is back!!! Great to see the boys back on the field (even though it’s for 2 series)

It may not even be that much. I hope Gruden plays them more than 1 series this game but the past 3 years he barely played Alex Smith & Cousins.

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1 hour ago, RSkinGM said:

good on Colt- I still want Keenum and Woodrum- Sit Haskins too. Then start him at home .

Nah, Keenum should play the first quarter, Haskins needs to play the next 2 quarters, and Woodrum can clean it up.

I want to see they mostly just pass it!

• 10 attempts for Keenum in the 1st quarter 

• 25 attends for Haskins in the 2nd & 3rd quarters

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Top 5 Things I wanna to see tonight
1.No Injs
2.Who wants the last WR spots Sims,Harmon,Davis,or someone else
3.Young Olineman
4.Any Backup Linebackers stepping up
5.Will someone knock Perine out of 4th HB spot or will he step up like early reports have said

Top 5 Players I wanna Watch
4.Cam Sims

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