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2019 GDT Sign Up Thread


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I saw it mentioned in another thread that it's about time to start making live Game Day Threads for regular season games. In order to avoid last year's consternation, we should set up a plan.

The standard in most forums is to get a list of everybody who has any interest in making them this year, randomize the list, and then whoever is drawn makes the Game Day Thread until the team losses, at which point the next person in line will start next week's GDT.

You will be judged on your GDTs, they are yours. Name them and decorate them as you see fit. Express yourself.

I've seen a couple of rules on other forums that I think would be helpful:

1. Wait until at least Wednesday to make the new thread (The exception being Thursday Night Games which can open Tuesday). This rule is in place to save the first few pages of the new thread being the same complaining as last week's thread.

2. The original post should have all the relevant information one would need to enjoy the game:


Kickoff Time(CST please)


Significant Injuries

Depth Charts preferably, even if it is just a link to Ourlads.

3. I would ask the moderators to lock the GDT as soon as the game is over that way we avoid having two discussions on two threads about the same topic. 

4. Whoever makes the GDT is responsible for making the post game thread as well. This should include W/L, Score, Significant Injuries. If the Mods want to take over this duty as well as locking, that would be appreciated also.

That's all I've got for rules. Feel free to post if there's any interest.

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6 minutes ago, Leader said:

Far too complicated and overthought. I'll post in the GDT regardless of whomever starts it, the teams winning streak, margin of wins or losses or the position of the stars and planets.  Its a GDT having relevance and bearing on nothing. 

This is the kind of complacency that leads to 6-10 seasons. As participants in the premier Packers forum, we should be on the vanguard of team support. We must ensure our victory by any means necessary, reasonability and rationality be damned.


I solemnly cast in my lot for this noble and grave responsibility. 

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23 minutes ago, Shanedorf said:

maybe something like this ? 



2019 Season Kick - Off game for the NFL's 100th season

gnb.png    vs     chi-2018.png

WEEK 1 · Thursday  09/05 ·   7:20 PM LFT at Soldier Field in Chicago


Depth Charts




Packers Franchise History from Pro Football Reference



NFL Betting Odds





Thursday's Kick Off Game will will mark game No. 199 in the NFL’s oldest rivalry.
The Packers hold a 97-95-6 edge in the series, which includes two playoff games (1-1)


These are a few shots from previous Soldier Field victories *








^  This one's for Rainman


*  I think the Lombardi/Halas photo might be from Wrigley based on the bricks in the background

  Also noted:  TruBiSkyS


Mods feel free to lock my discussion thread and use this. My last remaining feeling won’t be hurt at all. 

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