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Bigger Titan QB disappointment: Jake Locker or Marcus Mariota


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19 minutes ago, Texansfan713 said:

Marcus Mariota.  Jake Locker was a reach when the Titans picked him.  Mariota was a better prospect coming out than Locker was.

I wouldn't say Jake was a reach at .... ?8? 

But Mariota was one of the QBs I had high expectations for as a prospect. Jake Locker was more in the mold of a QB3 in a draft.

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Mariota had the better pedigree but Locker failing sucks more because every time he got hurt we got to hear announcers say he's in the hurt locker and it was glorious.

Tyus Bowser never sacked Mariota once and this is a shame. 

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As an actual Titans fan: Locker.

You always talk yourself into thinking the QB your team drafted in the first round is gonna be a franchise guy.  You don't lower your expectations really just because it was a reach and he drafted lower.  Locker had some good moments, and I certainly talked myself into thinking he'd be the guy.  I definitely had more hope for Mariota for longer, and still think he can be good in the right system, but Locker would play just well enough to think that maybe he could be winnable, then immediately injure himself.  He busted hard.

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1 hour ago, Drained said:

Lmao seriously. I remember everyone was upset when the Texans didnt draft him, guess Rick Smith had that 20/20 hindsight

That was a Charlie Casserly draft - he's quick to remind everyone he drafted Mario Williams over Saints RB and VY.

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The bigger disappointment was easily Locker.

Mariota played a heavy role in turning around what was at the time a terrible organization and a bad locker room and for that he earned the love and respect of ownership, the front office, coaches, teammates, and fans. His solid rookie year, very promising second year that ended with a broken leg, and victories in his third year over Jacksonville to clinch a playoff berth and KC in the wildcard gave the fan base something to be proud of for the first time in nearly a decade. He ended up sucking in the end but I can’t say I’m more disappointed with him and what he accomplished than a guy like Locker who was a nice person but sucked in every other aspect.

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