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Who deserves more credit for the Patriots' success: Brady or Belichick?


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Is it 50-50? They're both the greatest and that's that?

Does Belichick deserve more credit, as the team builder and defensive savant who develops and puts his players (including Brady) in the best positions to succeed? 

Or is it Tom Brady, GOAT, destined to win and win big no matter where he went? Does the fact that Brady has the second most 4th quarter comebacks ever, and more playoff wins where his defense has given up 28+ points than any other QB by far, indicate that Belichick's defensive genius has been overstated? 

Where do you stand? 

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7 minutes ago, notthatbluestuff said:

Yeah, this thread again. I know it's tough to not post in a thread you're not interested in. Thoughts and prayers are with you. 

? This thread gets posted every 6 months. And it’s a stupid argument anyways. They’re both elite and there no right answer to the question. 

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1 hour ago, Calamity_Cometh said:

That Falcons Super Bowl was all Brady.  My stepbrother left at halftime and said that it's over. I said "bro you have no idea what you have just done."

Donta Hightower made a key turnover that fueled the comeback. Take that away, and it doesn't happen.

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