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broncos_fan _from _uk

2020 Surprise

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6 minutes ago, broncosfan_101 said:

Cutler playing in Shanny’s bootleg offence was beautiful. He got real stone-footed as he aged in Chicago (and those o-lines did him no favours.)

Oh I completely agree but that three year stint in Denver seems so miniscule it's easy to forget the long throw bootlegs like that one against Arizona 

They were doing more than just that with Drew last year though they did a bunch of ride and react plays where he runs with the running backs than makes decisions to throw to the outlet didn't really even see that in Jay's prime.

I also don't know if it's release or not because the release does look very similar but Drew seems to be more quick twitched getting rid of the football than Jay can't say it's he's better at reading defenenses. 

Maybe it's spatial ability it takes an elite skill set to see a guy covered down field and to know there's a one foot gap to fit the ball through and than do it. Some have a 6th Sense.

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