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Favorite past Week One games?


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2012 Week 1 49ers at Packers

2013 Week 1 Packers at 49ers

1990 Week 1 49ers at Saints

1994 Week 1 Raiders at 49ers

1998 Week 1 Jets at 49ers


Some non 49ers games:

2008 Week 1 Panthers at Chargers

2011 Week 1 Saints at Packers

2004 Week 1 Colts at Patriots

2007 Week 1 Saints at Colts

2017 Week 1 Chiefs at Patriots

2013 Week 1 Ravens at Broncos

2000 Week 1 Broncos at Rams

1994 Week 1 Patriots at Dolphins

1984 Week 1 Dolphins at Redskins


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As a Titan fan, 2015 Titans/Bucs. Mariota coming out and throwing 4 first half TDs while Winston threw multiple INTs including a pick six on his first pass.

It felt like the sky was the limit with Mariota after that game and we had a franchise guy for the foreseeable future. *Sigh* Little did we know....😔

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Cowboys at Chargers from 2005 is still one of my all-time favorites. Buck/Aikman were actually motivated in the booth, even funny at times ("it's the vaunted 4-4-4 DEFENSE!"). An electric clash between the two Drews, Bledsoe and Brees. Seriously, watch this game.

Vikings vs Saints in 2017 was just pure fun. Sam Bradford went off in what turned out to be his last game in purple, putting Diggs and Thielen on the map before Case Keenum took over.

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The first three that come to mind:

2019 Steelers at Patriots. 

The Patriots raise their sixth Super Bowl banner, kicked the Steelers’ ***, and Mrs. 103 and I were there to see it all. 

2002 Steelers at Patriots.

The Patriots opened their brand new stadium, raised their first Super Bowl banner, and defeated Pittsburgh in an AFC Championship Game rematch on Monday Night Football. What a glorious night it was!

1999 Patriots at Jets.

The Jets were coming off an appearance in the AFC Championship Game, and were heavily favored. The Patriots eked out a win, and it was their most satisfying triumph of the season.



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