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Week 7: Debbie Does Dallas comes to play with SE Jerome


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Well, it’s that time of year folks. Hide ya children, hide ya wife! The Dallas Cowgirls are coming to town and just in time for Gov. Hogan & Exec. Alsobrooks to finally allow fans in the stands for sporting events in Maryland! 

Wooo hooo here we go folks!

Let’s get down a dirty and fill up the Big Post Office more than it’s been filled in three years with 3,000 fans!! 😂 

Where: The Big Post Office aka Fed Ex Field aka where Washington forgets to show up on Sunday’s for Football Team games.

How: We’re now sure how the NFC East is still considered part of the NFL? We seem to be watching more high school equivalent football on Sunday’s nowadays in this division.

Why: Trick or Treat? 👻 We as Washington fans seem to keep getting tricked by this owner over and over again!

Washington comes into this game with a confident young teachers pet who seemingly can do no wrong in the head coaches eyes despite him knocking himself out of his first start all year two weeks ago, and then last week throwing the ball to the other team, fumbling the game away in New York and throwing a dud of a 2-pt conversion attempt to try to win the game vs the Giants as he missed Terry wide open for the game winner.

But hey, at least he knows the plays and the protection calls! So, we got that! 😂 

Washington’s defense has been pretty stout this year in everything except keeping the opponents off the scoreboard. So, is that something to be excited about? Some fans are excited about it, but the goal of defense is to keep the opponents from scoring, and they’re failing in that category as they have for all but 1 of the last 12 years!

Dallas comes into this game confused. They looked like a lost pup last week w/o Dak and his Gumby ankle. They want to run the ball but they can’t block for Zeke bc their OL is unrecognizable due to injuries and it doesn’t seem to matter anyways bc Zeke can’t hold on to the pigskin! 

Dallas has a plethora of WRs to throw to, but there’s a question as to if the Red Rifle will have enough time to get them the ball with Chase, Montez, Allen, Payne & the Showstopper bringing the pain every play!


Dallas’ D has taken a major step back this year after losing their All-Pro corner to the Dolphins and after their new HC stupidly replaced the well respected Rod Marinelli w/ the Vanilla Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator! Dallas’ defense looks lost like Washington’s D used to look under Manusky and it’s so bad that players are complaining about poor coaching and we aren’t even to the half way through the season yet!

So, to say this is another typical 2020 NFC East contest where we don’t know what to expect and will be surprised no matter what happens is an understatement!


Who wins? Who the HELL knows!!


Here’s Turtle28’s 🐢 Titillating Take:

Dallas: 24

Washington: 23


Tank for Trevor or F Up for Fields is still in full effect boys! 

Teaser: Rivera tells the team to line up to go for two on the last play of the game but confuses everyone as Washington doesn’t even have the ball!

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Where the heck is @mike23md these days? Turtle, you’ve done well in his absence but we need Mike back making these. 

Anyway, I have no clue why people think we’re going to win this game? They got steamrolled by the cardinals in one of those games most teams have during the season. They came out flat and couldn’t put anything together against a team that can score in a hurry. Dalton will have a much better game and Zeke always runs all over us. I don’t think we’ll get blown out but it won’t feel very close either. 

Cowboys 27

Redskins 17

Allen turns the ball over multiple times but Logan Thomas continues his hot streak. Chase and Sweat have big games as well and Fuller gets another pick. The offense just sputters as usual and we can’t run the ball. We don’t take one deep shot again. The heat on Turner turns up big time after this game. 

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15 minutes ago, RSkinGM said:

I miss ol Doc Draper = dropped off the face of the earth of it seems . Most of all I miss the risque' pics he'd post !

Oh, forgot===

Dallas 27

WTF 23

BTW Turtle - luv the tittle !! 

Doc was a good dude but he’s probably got some partying to do. Miss the old chap. 

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9 hours ago, turtle28 said:

@mike23md @lavar703has at least one kid now, and ever since he’s had his kid he’s taken a step back. I also get the feeling he got burnt out with this team like most of us but for some reason we still show up for the punishment daily while Mike23 checks in once a week or once every few weeks like @Woz too.

We all have various degrees of burnout with this team.  Especially when no one can seem to quiet those pesky anonymous sources.  

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