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Players who were mocked in the first round, but then ended up going undrafted


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13 minutes ago, AntonChigurh said:

Shawn Oakman made a lot of noise before his senior season, his stock dropped during the season but his junior year had him mocked as a 1st rounder

Some off-field stuff happened with him (not the place to get into this stuff) which is why he was not drafted, but he was a freak of nature 

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LB Brandon Siler out of Florida in the mid 2000s

I think from round 2 on I kept rejoicing every time he was still on the board and thought for sure we would pick him

Edit: just realized he was drafted in the 7th round - but I'm still counting it

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Jevan Snead was the first name that came to mind for me. 

I remember Darnell Bing was getting a ton of hype coming out of USC - he was moved to LB, that was his only chance in the NFL.

Ramonce Taylor was starting to get some momentum as a do-everything RB for UT, but got kicked off the team his Soph. year. He wasn't getting the full first round hype, but he was getting noticed for sure.

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