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Spinning Tires: Steelers 2021 Offseason and Beyond...

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1 hour ago, bigben07MVP said:

Honestly do we cut him? He’s been good on special teams but it seems like the coaching staff likes Pierre better anyways. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Tomlin make an example out of him.

For me personally, no I wouldn't cut him. Like I mentioned IMO its more about being an idiot than the charges (understanding it could be a felony gun charge if I read that right). 

This would for sure immediately drive him down the depth chart for me and make him work his way back into good graces. It's just the combination of idiocy. How did you get your suspended license? Why did you decide to drive with the suspended license? Why would you speed while carrying a gun and drugs on that suspended license?

If you are that dumb in this, why would I give you the benefit of the doubt that you just aren't dumb with everything you do?

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He will get one of the other dopes to cop to the MJ and pay a fine for the transport of a firearm.  He will get off on this one but, as @warfelg said, he is replaceable and do the Steelers want to keep him.

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55 minutes ago, August4th said:

that ravens trade has me wondering when was the last time we had two 1st rd picks?

Have we ever? Ravens gonna get Zaven Collins and Rashod Bateman or Najee Harris

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